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Is There A Third Challenge Spinoff Coming?

MTV's "The Challenge" has become a popular staple for the network. "The Challenge" centers on a series of physical and/or mental contests between former stars of other reality shows that all fall under the Paramount brand — anything from "The Real World" to CBS' "The Amazing Race." The participants are divided into teams and may be called upon to do anything from putting together a puzzle that will act as a map to jumping out a helicopter into a lake. One by one (or sometimes two by two), the competitors are eliminated, eventually resulting in a final three and a single champion. 

Formerly known as "Road Rules," "The Challenge" has spawned 37 seasons. The program has become such an iconic part of MTV's lineup that it's spawned two different spinoffs so far: "The Challenge: Champs Vs. Pros" in 2017 "The Challenge: All-Stars" in 2021. 

After hosting so many competitors over the past several years, it appears that the successful panoply of shows is about to add another jewel to its crown. Here's what we know about the possibility of a third "The Challenge" spinoff.

There are whispers that a third Challenge spinoff is coming to Paramount+

Take this with a tiny grain of salt if you must. But, according to GamerVev, a Twitter account that posts behind-the-scenes spoilers related to television shows (as archived on the r/MTVChallenge subreddit by u/NattyB), there is a new spinoff related to "The Challenge" that is supposedly under production for Paramount+.

The series is not another edition of the show's other spinoffs, but GamerVev wrote in June 2021 that they "can see it being similar to Champs vs. Stars." Another "The Challenge" spoiler came from user PinkRose, who stated on Vevmo (archived by r/MTVChallenge user u/Few-Sort-5643) that the program was supposed to go into production in January 2022, but shooting has been delayed. "Second spinoff got pushed back yet again, was at one point filming this month," u/Few-Sort-5643 stated.

As of press time, Paramount has not officially confirmed that the new program is filming — or even that a new spinoff exists. But "The Challenge" fanatics can take comfort in one thing — it's quite likely that "The Challenge" will soldier on with an all-new season sometime this year.