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Daniel Craig Gives Heist Advice In Logan Lucky Clip

James Bond is here to teach you how to carry out a robbery in a new clip from Logan LuckyThe movie will follow Adam Driver and Channing Tatum as two brothers who decide to rob the Coca-Cola 600 race, the biggest race of the year at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The inexperienced crooks have to recruit the help of an incarcerated felon, Daniel Craig's Joe Bang, to pull off their heist.

The new clip features Joe weighing the positives and the negatives of joining the Logans on their heist. As Joe points out, mixing the positive and the negative gives you a reaction. "A reaction is power and it's moving fast, and it's moving away from ya, and it keeps moving til it hits something," Joe says. 

Positives keep energy moving away from you, while negatives bring it right back towards you. "So you always wanna make sure you've always got more positive than negative or else you gotta get out of the way fast," he says, before beginning to weigh the positives (big crowd, all cash) with the negatives (heavy security) of the job. He ends up coming out with more positives than negatives, and ends the clip by asking which of the Logans is about to bust him out of prison.

Riley Keough, Hilary Swank, Katherine Waterston, Seth MacFarlane, Katie Holmes, and Sebastian Stan also star in Logan Lucky, which is directed by Steven Soderberg (the Ocean's trilogy, Magic Mike) based on a script by Rebecca Blunt. The movie will race into theaters on August 18; in the meantime, read up on the upcoming film Tatum is set to star in that you didn't know was being made.