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Just How Powerful Is Canary In Hunter X Hunter?

Boy assassin Killua is one of the four main characters in shonen anime "Hunter x Hunter." Killua is a member of the Zoldyck family, all of whom are extremely skilled at the art of assassination.

After its first couple of story arcs, "Hunter x Hunter" introduces a magical force called Nen, latent in most beings and capable of manifesting through extensive training. Since Nen powers are unique to their users, a wide variety of Nen abilities appear throughout the series' run — for example, the fancifully-dressed Knov can utilize a highly practical superpower allowing him to move through portals into and out of an alternate dimension.

Key to the strength of the Zoldyck family, then, is its members' respective Nen abilities. That said, the Zoldycks are notorious in the world of "Hunter x Hunter," and employ a number of guards to keep intruders out of their estate. Canary is one of these guards, introduced when protagonist Gon and two of his friends attempt to traverse the Zoldyck estate's grounds in order to rescue Killua from a forced family stay. While Canary is a minor character in the grand scheme of the series, a number of Reddit users have described her as something of a fan favorite. While it's impossible to determine Canary's exact strength relative to the rest of the Zoldyck family due to her limited screentime, by all appearances, she seems to be a formidable fighter just outside of the big leagues.

Canary is worthy of her station

When Canary is first introduced, Gon refuses to fight her, recognizing her as someone with a big heart. In her past, however, it's revealed that she grew up in the extremely dangerous Meteor City, and once protected the Zoldycks from an attack of over 100 trained Hunters with ease, suggesting she's at the very least stronger than the average Nen user.

An assessment of Canary's powers on the "Hunter x Hunter" fan wiki notes that, while she lacks the experience of characters like Gon and Killua, she's capable of replicating complex techniques like the Rhythm Echo and the Shadow Step with little training. Furthermore, though she never wields Nen in combat at any point in the series, she demonstrates the capability to use Nen when she pilots fellow Zoldyck family employee Tsubone — transformed into a motorcycle — at extremely high speeds, possible only through significant magical enhancement.

Given the fact that Canary hasn't fought a proper battle that pushes the limits of her strength, it's impossible to determine the full extent of her powers. Furthermore, given her lack of participation in world-defining events like the Chimera Ant conflict, it's unlikely she's on the same level as some of the most powerful Hunters introduced throughout the series, like the smoke manipulator Morel, for example. Nevertheless, she's a quick learner and was determined worthy of protecting the Zoldyck family, suggesting her combat capabilities are noteworthy nevertheless.