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Ahsoka Makes Anakin Proud In Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny Short

Ahsoka Tano is back in the latest installment of Disney's Star Wars: Forces of Destiny.

The series of animated shorts centers on the some of the strongest female characters in the galaxy, and the fan-favorite character from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels definitely fits that bill.

Ashley Eckstein returns to voice Ahsoka, along with Matt Lanter as her mentor, Anakin Skywalker. It's the first time the pair have reprised their roles together in years. 

In the clip, which is set towards the end of the Clone Wars, Ahsoka is sidetracked on her way to a ceremony that will advance her Padawan training. While Anakin gets antsy, Yoda is confident Ahsoka will show up.

In previous chapters of Forces of Destiny, Daisy Ridley returned as Rey from The Force Awakens for a scene with BB-8 on Jakku, and Princess Leia (voiced by Shelby Young) meets the Ewoks on Endor. Lupita Nyong'o narrates the series as Maz Kanata from The Force Awakens. Each of the stories fills in some unexplored backstory, and all of it is canon.

While we wait for the next installment, learn about some of the most impressive women in the Star Wars universe.