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The Tooru Scene In Horimiya That Went Too Far

"Horimiya" is the anime series adaptation of the popular manga from author HERO and artist Daisuke Hagiwara, which was originally a web-comic by HERO titled "Hori-San to Miyamura-Kun" (via Manga Buddy). The rom-com style anime premiered in January 2021 and has 13 episodes that follow two young high school students, Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura. The two are both harboring secrets about their lives, and as they get to know one another, they share more and more about who they truly are. As the show carries on, the relationship between the two begins to blossom.

Along with Hori and Miyamura, other characters in the show are also dealing with both the joys and conflicts of relationships. In addition, characters like Sakura and Tooru have their own set of problems they have to overcome. "Horimiya" has a fair amount of drama, as expected in a group of high schoolers, but there are some instances and scenes when characters on the show go too far.

Tooru spills tea on Sakura

Tooru Ishikawa is a character in the show known for being on the dramatic side, with a little bit of a jealous streak and a temper. He finds himself in a few sticky situations throughout the show, but in Episode 7, one scene may take things a bit too far. When Tooru accidentally runs into Sakura, he spills his tea on her and stains her blouse. Embarrassed and wanting to help, he tells her that he'll be right back, only to return with his own jacket for her to cover herself. This gesture causes Sakura to blush and feel uncomfortable, as she has a crush on Tooru.

While this may seem like a harmless way for him to try and rectify his clumsiness, some fans speculated that Sakura may be mistreated by Tooru due to her feelings for him, with this scene adding unneeded conflict to the show. When Sakura returns the jacket to him, she also brings cookies in order to express her emotions, but there's a small misunderstanding in the resulting conversation. A lot of fans on Reddit highlighted this moment, with u/sage_deer stating that the anime is "full of cheap, forced, and stupid conflicts – I wouldn't put it past them to use that as a misunderstanding." Others had the same worry, though some have hope that the show won't go that direction.

One Reddit user, u/Alios, praised the character Sakura for her actions, saying, "Sakura is really cute at trying her best for Ishikawa. It may be embarrassing and not that easy to make the first moves, but that girl sure doesn't back away. Keep on keeping on!" Either way, the "Horimiya" scene got fans talking about the treatment of Sakura and her feelings for Tooru throughout the entirety of the anime.