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The Dr. Greene Scene That Went Too Far On ER

Across 15 seasons and 15 years, the hit medical drama show "ER" captivated audiences with its seamless mashup between what happens at the hospital and what happens in the personal lives of the medical personnel.

The series is known for showing life and death situations in the emergency room of the County General Hospital in Chicago. Dr. Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards) is a main character of the show from the very first episode all the way to Season 8. His empathetic mindset and diligence on the job make him an essential leading character in the series.

Over time the show sees Dr. Greene go through his own personal issues and follows his struggles while he tries to be an honorable, life-saving medical professional. Though, on occasion, even Dr. Greene makes decisions that leave some fans of the show shocked. For example, during a particular scene in Season 7, Episode 22, Dr. Greene puts his job, his future, and the reputation of the entire hospital at stake.

Dr. Mark Greene risked everything in Season 7

In the Season 7 episode "Rampage," Derek Fossen (Ted Marcoux) goes on a shooting spree after he begins to believe that his son has been taken away from him by a social worker. After shooting nineteen people, he is shot and brought into the hospital for care.

While in a hospital bed, Fossen is transported to a different floor by Dr. Greene for surgery. The two are the only people present in the elevator when Fossen goes into cardiac arrest. It is while he is in this state that Dr. Greene makes the choice not to use the defibrillator on Fossen but instead watches him die.

Some fans have come together to discuss the scene. Reddit user u/Georgediqi said, "This is one of the tv moments that shook me the most." Another user, u/billybattzz said, "...very unexpected behavior from green!"

While the decision might seem unexpected for Dr. Mark Greene, and the scene may have gone too far for the likes of some fans — as it goes against the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm. That said, it remains one of the most memorable episodes of the show.