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Will Estes Has A Surprising Dream For A Blue Bloods Episode

Taking a look at the various levels of police work through multiple law enforcement generations of a single family is an intriguing premise, and CBS' "Blue Bloods" has certainly made the best of it. The cop drama is on its 12th season, and going just as strong as its central family, the Reagans. 

Over the show's lengthy run, viewers have seen Will Estes' young Jamie Reagan mature from a fresh-faced, young officer to a seasoned police sergeant. As Estes has grown into the role, he's quite naturally developed some opinions about the direction the show could potentially take. However, you might be surprised to find out just how wild one particular idea the actor has for the show is. In a recent interview, Will Estes revealed this very, very surprising dream he has for a "Blue Bloods" episode. Let's see what the actor would like to do with the show. 

Will Estes would love a musical episode of Blue Bloods

Will Estes, it turns out, believes that "Blue Bloods" could do with a bit of a musical interlude. In an interview with The Nerds of Color, the star revealed that he would love to do a full-on musical episode of the show, and if he had his way, he'd go the whole nine yards and make the entire thing a dream one of the characters is having. What's more, it appears that he's not alone in this.

"We've all talked about doing a musical episode that's 'all a dream' at the end of it," Estes revealed. "As in, one of the characters wakes up and has dreamed a musical version of a 'Blue Bloods' episode. I don't really think it's gonna happen though. Ha!"

Hilarious as the idea of Tom Selleck belting out show tunes might initially seem, Estes' semi-joking idea might not be as far-fetched as it initially appears. From "Lucifer's" "Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam" and "Psych's" "Psych: The Musical" to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer's" "Once More, With Feeling," decidedly non-musical shows have a long history of giving in to Broadway shenanigans in special episodes. Even HBO's gritty prison drama "Oz" did a musical episode, "Variety." Knowing all this, and remembering that "Blue Bloods" star Donnie Wahlberg used to be in a little band called New Kids on the Block, a musical episode seems like a pretty intriguing possibility, doesn't it?