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If You Love Ozark, Here's Every Jason Bateman Movie And TV Show You Can Watch On Netflix

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Jason Bateman is one of the most likable actors in all of Hollywood, and he's remained something of an American sweetheart for decades. Bateman first hit screens and earned a permanent place in the hearts of millions thanks to his childhood work in popular TV shows like "Little House on the Prairie" and "Silver Spoons." And he went on to become a teen screen idol thanks to his handsome face and likable persona in series like "It's Your Move" and "Valerie."

Bateman's career has been steady since he first broke onto the television scene in his youth, but his starpower has become even more impressive in recent years, thanks in no small part to his daring turns in darker, more menacing roles. His work as Marty Byrde in "Ozark," for example, shows that Bateman knows exactly how to bring his unique charms into some much seedier territory as his everyman alter ego grapples with the criminal underbelly of the Missouri wilds.

As Marty, Bateman is both relatable and intimidating, calm and yet completely calculated. And as his dark secrets and the surprising lengths to which he's willing to go unfold in the series, fans are treated to a delicious taste of Bateman at his best. So, to celebrate the arrival of the first half of the fourth season of the critically acclaimed drama, here's a look at where else you can catch Jason Bateman on Netflix right now.

Arrested Development

In addition to showing audiences that he has some sizable dramatic chops, Bateman has also fully proven that he's a formidable force in the world of comedy. And one of the finest and funniest examples of that can be found in his long-lasting role as Michael Bluth in "Arrested Development." The storied sitcom first began as a linear series that aired on network television from 2003 to 2006 before it was revived by Netflix in 2013 for two knee-slapping new seasons.

As Bluth, Bateman is — as usual — the most level-headed guy in the room. Only, in this case, he's surrounded by a gaggle of absolute weirdos who all just so happen to be his nearest and dearest family members. The acclaimed series is full of clever sight gags, witty one-liners, and completely unexpected twists. And the character that truly brings home the humor amid all the eccentricities is the straight-laced and extremely average Michael Bluth, who Bateman portrays with perfect timing and resolve. Fans of Bateman simply will not want to miss out on his endlessly hilarious turn in "Arrested Development," all five seasons of which are now available on Netflix.

Thunder Force

Bateman's gift for comedy also extends to the absurd, and his work in the hilarious superhero film "Thunder Force" is a prime example of his more bonkers side. The pic, which is written and directed by Ben Falcone, follows a pair of scientifically engineered superheroes who step up to take on a growing group of wacky but deadly villains — known as the Miscreants — who've emerged from a cosmic ray storm.

Bateman stars in the film as Jerry the Crab, a formerly ordinary person who's turned to a life of crime alongside the Miscreants after growing claws due to radiation exposure. Though the Crab begins his journey by holding up a convenience store with his giant pincers and baddie pals, we soon discover that there's much more to the guy than his exoskeletal extremities and unfortunate choice of company. In the film, Bateman manages to be both hysterical and heartwarming in equal measure, which is quite a feat, considering he does so with some of the zaniest costume props that have ever been used in any romantic movie moment.

The Sweetest Thing

Speaking of romance fare, no review of Bateman's filmography would ever be complete without touching on some of his romantic and buddy comedy pics that have become such hallmarks of his Hollywood history. And Netflix subscribers can catch an early cinematic example of both of Bateman's career trends in the 2002 rom-com "The Sweetest Thing." Bateman stars in the cult classic picture as Roger, the fast-talking and sometimes silly brother of a guy named Peter (portrayed by Thomas Jane), who's at a major crossroads in his romantic life and needs to pick a direction once and for all.

In addition to being one of Bateman's earliest film roles, this underrated flick also reminds audiences why the actor has always been such a time-honored talent, as he manages to be both stitch-inducing and completely adorable at the very same time in the role of the rowdy romantic sidekick.