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The Attack On Titan Scene Fans Agree Makes No Sense

For four seasons, "Attack on Titan" has weaved a thrillingly dark fantasy series about the morally ambiguous soldier Eren Yeager and the rest of humanity's fight against giant cannibalistic humanoid creatures called Titans. Fans are well aware that the series is always juggling numerous plot threads at any given moment, focusing on the actions of the Titans, various insurgency groups, counterinsurgency groups, governments, political figures, and soldiers. Mix all these threads in with a heaping spoonful of shifting character loyalties and motivations, and it's safe to say that "Attack on Titan" is a pretty eventful show with a bunch of outright wild moments.

While this willingness to go beyond a simple human-versus-monster conflict and create an in-depth exploration of the complexities of this post-apocalyptic society does lend the series some very rich worldbuilding, it also means that the plot can be a little hard to follow at certain points. However, there is one recent standout scene that fans agree doesn't make any sense at all when considering certain character motivations at the time.

Eren acts like he hasn't seen the future

In a Reddit thread on the r/YeagerBomb subreddit, a community dedicated to discussing "Attack on Titan," fans voiced their frustrations about a certain scene from Season 4, Episode 10, titled "A Sound Argument." In the scene, an ambassador from the nation of Hizuru lists out three major proposals for negotiations with the island of Paradis. Chief among these proposals is that Historia, the ruler of Paradis, will inherit the Beast Titan from its previous wielder, Zeke Yeager. Eren passionately pushes back against this idea, knowing that inheriting the Titan will drastically reduce Historia's life expectancy. While the scene seems acceptable on the surface, fans pointed out how Eren's reaction doesn't line up, as he had already witnessed the future at this point.

"The time travel point made a lot of Eren's reactions nonsensical," u/el3mel commented on the thread. "He already knew everything, he knew that titans will turn into humans, that Historia won't inherit the beast and Zeke won't be eaten because he should already know that he would use Zeke in the future for the rumbling, but here he acts like it's actually a possibility that Historia might inherit the beast." Another user u/isallengod expressed frustration with the entire series, saying, "This scene and quite almost ever other moment in the series don't make much sense after the ending."

Despite any theories about Eren simply acting concerned, it's still difficult to justify his reaction here. Whatever the case, it doesn't seem like fans will get clarification on this confusing "Attack on Titan" scene before the show wraps up.