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The Madoka Magica Scene That Fans Agree Went Too Far

Today, "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" is known as an anime series that's evolved into a franchise of manga, collectible figures, novels, and mobile games that at one point equaled into $400 million in sales (via Anime News Network). Before becoming quite a profitable series, it started as 12-episode anime highly decorated for its complex story, gorgeous animation, memorable characters, and outstanding soundtrack. "Madoka Magica" is now considered one of the best anime of the past decade, and as the future rolls on, it's likely its place with other celebrated anime titans such as "Neon Genesis Evangelion" or "Your Name" may never be disputed.

To define "Madoka Magica" as just a magical girl anime deconstruction doesn't seem to do the series enough justice. Still, it can't be denied that it takes the genre into dark and often unpleasant territory that other series of its ilk would dare not travel. Situations quickly turn horrific on "Madoka Magica." In fact, Episode 3, "I'm Not Afraid of Anything Anymore" (via IMDb), provides an infamous scene that may have gone too far for some fans.

Mami Tomoe's death happens so suddenly

Going into "Madoka Magica" for the first time is an invitation to be hit with intense, shocking scenes. And if a character becomes a favorite, proceed with caution. No one is safe. Fans of the character Mami Tomoe received a disturbing awakening on this in Episode 3. Her overwhelming happiness causes her to become reckless in her fight against a witch named Charlotte, resulting in her sudden death (via YouTube). Mirroring the initial reaction of many other anime fans on Reddit, u/Just_A_Djoker noted the scene caught them off guard. They posted, "That was just brutal. Everything had been going so well, too. There were no signs of her even struggling. Then, not a minute later, the witch bites her head off. I was thoroughly shocked, to say the least."

Episode 3 provides enough room for Mami to show how wise she is compared to the other characters and even gives true insight into the flawed state of being a magical girl. Add in her realization of true happiness, and it is easy to see why her sudden death hits fans like a witchy brick wall. One user remarked, "Right when she just became happy and started enjoying life. This is depressing stuff."

While tragic, some fans also think the scene is the perfect cap to such a wild ride. As u/xTHESHAQTUSx wrote, "Not only does it have the twist at the end, it happens immediately after Mami's character is built up, and she seems to be at her happiest. The roller coaster of emotions is great." Mami's death is grizzly, but it immediately puts us on our toes for the rest of the series, which we later respect for it.

"Puella Magi Madoka Magica" is now available to stream on Netflix.