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The This Is Us Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology is about a simple twist of fate occurring the moment we are born, and our unique place in the cosmos based on where the planets and stars align in that very moment. This is why astrologers need to know your birth time to make an accurate chart since every hour of every day creates a different personality. 

Time is also of the essence in Dan Fogelman's beautiful family drama "This Is Us." The intersections of Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack Pearson's (Milo Ventimiglia) lives ripple out to touch many others, and especially their triplets Kate (Chrissy Metz), Randall (Sterling K. Brown), and Kevin (Justin Hartley). This is especially important as the plot of "This Is Us" reveals itself in snippets that travel back and forth through different characters' timelines over decades. 

While the show is in many ways realistic in detailing the tribulations and joys of one American family, it takes some liberties in an astrological sense. After all, four members of the Pearson family were born on August 31, the Big Three in 1980 and Jack in 1944, meaning their personalities should have been a whole lot more alike than different, and in real life they all would be Virgos to boot. But as we've seen it unfold over six seasons, the main personalities are distinct entities that still correspond to the stars, even if they don't exactly match their birthdays. Here's the "This Is Us" character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Beth Pearson

Aries are determined individuals, but sometimes they have a tendency to begin projects and never finish them. However, once Aries identifies their passion and has a champion who motivates them, that Aries will, in fact, see it through to mastery. This is the case for Randall's headstrong wife Beth Pearson (Susan Kelechi Watson) and her dancing career, which had been her own personal universe and joy until her father's tragic death from lung cancer when she was a teen. As a young girl, her dad is her biggest cheerleader, but when he dies Beth's mother Carol (Phylicia Rashad) forces Beth to abandon this dream for more serious money-making careers. 

Aries tend to thrive on excitement, so it's no surprise Beth does well in the corporate world, where she is often a team leader responsible for important accounts. When she was young, Beth had no choice but to comply with her mother's demands. However, in true Aries fashion, when Beth loses her high-powered executive job she was good at but never loved, she decides to see her dancing career through to whatever conclusion she could make now, becoming a dance instructor and opening her own school. 

As a wife and mother, Beth is fiercely loyal and stands by her family, even when she needs to give them moments of tough love about their questionable choices, and especially when they decide not to listen to her. Aries understand independent thinking and acting like nobody else.

Taurus: Toby Damon

Like their Aries cousins, Taurus has a similar single-minded determination, but their goals are often pursued with a more methodical and organized approach that tends to have better long-term consequences. Taurus comes with a natural charm that draws people to them, even when they might not be interested at first. This is exactly the case for Toby Damon (Chris Sullivan), as he has a love-at-first-sight moment with Kate Pearson and it doesn't take him long to win her over. 

With his warm sense of humor and ability to make anyone feel comfortable in his jovial presence, Toby quickly becomes Kate's rock. Toby makes Kate feel safe and loved as she processes many of her early childhood issues, in particular the death of her father. He is refreshingly honest and open, especially about his mental health struggles and how much his previous relationship wounded his self-esteem through his ex's focus on his weight.

Also in classic Taurus style, Toby's even keel goes off the rails when he starts having work troubles, especially when he loses his job and has a hard time finding a replacement offer. Taureans receive a lot of their inner security from financial and job security, so even as his home life thrives, we see Toby struggle when his career begins to fizzle. Sadly, Toby's reliance on his job prospects leads him to choose work over his family — an occasional Taurus occurrence — which spells doom for his marriage to Kate.

Gemini: Madison Simons

Gemini is a sign of duality, and one of their biggest struggles is finding a balance between their intellect and emotions, with their intellect dominating until they access a sense of inner harmony. As a result of this tension, Geminis have a great deal of energy that can make them talkative and sometimes erratic, which can end up being a self-fulfilling prophecy. For instance, a Gemini might guard their emotions to not get hurt but also often speak to others without a filter, alienating those around them. 

Madison (Caitlin Thompson) has had a dramatic arc on "This Is Us." She starts as Kate's nemesis in their eating disorder support group and later becoming Kate's best friend, maid of honor, and the mother of Kate's eventual nephews, so she is a part of the Pearson family regardless of how anyone might feel about her. Geminis often harbor feelings of inadequacy that contribute to their struggle between their minds and hearts. For Madison, this aspect explodes into her life when her parents divorce and she thinks it is her fault, which is a contributing factor to her bulimia. 

While her abrasive personality can grate, in the moments she quietly reveals her true, insecure, and struggling self with Kate and her ex-fiance Kevin is when we realize Madison is far more than the inappropriate blabbermouth she seems. This is Gemini duality hard at work, and it requires a lot of patience.

Cancer: Jack Pearson

Like its crab representative, Cancer is a sign often marked by self-containment. However, at the same time, Cancer has a deep yearning for a permanent home for themselves and their families. There's a deep sensitivity and intuition in Cancer that makes them great communicators, especially in romantic regards, but this is also a sign that worries a lot and can take on the personal concerns of everyone they care about, often to the detriment of their health. 

For the beloved patriarch of "This Is Us," Jack Pearson, the abusive home in which he was raised becomes the anti-blueprint of how he wants his own family to be, and he is successful before his tragic and untimely death. Where Jack receives no love or compassion when he is growing up, he offers these things in spades to his wife and children, even when he's so tired he doesn't feel he has anything to give. This is a huge reason his persona looms so large over the family decades after his death. 

We also see Cancer's dark side in Jack, as at first, he struggles with alcohol addiction to cope with all the emotions pent up from his terrible childhood and financial struggles. However, when he realizes he risks turning into his own awful father, Jack gets himself back on track to build one of the most beautiful families ever to grace television screens.

Leo: Rebecca Pearson

Leo is a sign that thrives in the spotlight, so being a stage performer is second nature. Even when they're not on stage, they often have an inner radiance that follows them wherever they go. Like its representative lion, Leos are born leaders and have an intense loyalty to their packs, whether chosen or blood prides, or a combination, as we see with the "This Is Us" matriarch, Rebecca Pearson. 

Leos want to go their way, and Rebecca never sees herself with children — let alone triplets — when she first meets Jack. Because of this fierce Leo independence, it takes Rebecca a minute to adjust to life with children, and she struggles to bond with her adoptive son Randall. It's here we see the Leo trait of thinking they always know best emerge in Rebecca when she seeks out Randall's birth father, William (Ron Cephas Jones), for advice, keeping this fact to herself until William seeks out Randall decades later. 

It takes Rebecca a long time to admit she was wrong and almost sacrifices her relationship with Randall because of it. This Leo trait is heavily ingrained and tough to overcome. So is her tendency to carp on Kate's eating habits, seemingly provoking an eating disorder through her comments about Kate's dietary choices when she's a child. As she gets older, Rebecca does eventually realize that her opinions aren't fact, and it's here that she truly begins repairing the wounded connections with her children.

Virgo: Randall Pearson

Even though the Big Three and Jack Pearson are all technically Virgos since they were born on August 31st, the only one in the group who presents a typical example of this zodiac sign is Randall "Resumes Are My Jam!" Pearson. From childhood, Randall is a meticulous student who strives for perfection in all areas, even when nobody is pressuring him for that level of excellence. He studies in advance for tests, does his homework early, and enjoys things when they are in a particular order. These are Virgo qualities that follow Randall into adulthood, including his constant worrying that has turned into a full-blown anxiety disorder by the time he's moving up the corporate ladder. 

Randall sometimes manages to sublimate all this nervous energy into his daily runs. We can only imagine how much worse he'd be if he didn't take the time to get outside and work off some stress. While Virgos aren't necessarily known for their leadership skills, Randall channels his overdeveloped organizational skills into his campaign for city councilman. 

However, unlike other signs when they enter politics, Virgos rely on the help of others to make decisions. Randall is no exception with his campaign manager Jae-Won Yoo (Tim Jo), who Randall entrusts with huge decisions. Still, for all his success, Randall is a worrier through and through, and this classic Virgo trait continues to get the better of him, even if it strains his family relationships.

Libra: Kate Pearson

Like their Virgo cousins, Libras need things to be just so, but their version is often more diplomatic and self-sacrificing to maintain peace and order. This can lead to a Libra tendency to swallow their own needs for others' benefit. Kate Pearson is bullied at a very young age about her weight, and in true Libra fashion, she wears baggier clothing and doesn't speak up until her parents find out on their own. Kate often also finds herself as the mediator between her brothers as she tries to help keep the peace as Randall and Kevin's wildly different personalities clash. 

Libra energy can be a natural born caretaker, which vibes a lot with Cancer energy and could be why Kate and her father Jack have such a close bond. Libra is a sign that craves romantic partnership, sometimes at whatever cost necessary, which in the case of Kate Pearson leads to her first boyfriend being emotionally abusive. Sadly, Kate caves in to take the pain since it feels better than being alone.

When Kate finally finds a loving and supportive partner in Toby, she continues to challenge his feelings to make sure they are true since a Libra's insecurity is hard to shake. This is especially true after her abusive ex-boyfriend gives her that impression, seemingly confirming her worst fears about herself. Kate eventually makes peace with who she is through returning to music, and it's then that things finally start to fall in place.

Scorpio: Kevin Pearson

Scorpio is a big energy sign that's often defined by its sexual magnetism, for better or worse. Like its representative, the scorpion, Scorpios have a bite that's as bad as their metaphorical bark and their ability to hold a grudge rivals that of an Aries. Scorpios tend to be dramatic individuals with a powerful charisma that constantly draws others and attention to them. Whether through sports or his film career, Kevin Pearson is the star in whatever room he enters, and that's not always a good thing. 

Once he injures his knee and can no longer play football, Kevin is the embodiment of textbook unfulfilled Scorpio rage until he discovers his knack for stage acting. While he seems dedicated to his high school sweetheart Sophie during their younger years, Kevin shows his worst side when they reconnect as adults, and Kevin realizes in that moment he doesn't want the same things Sophie wants. He then tells her in the cruelest way possible, just to make sure he'll never go down that road again, but not considering how devastating it is to her.

Alcohol does nothing to help Kevin's more harmful tendencies, and it's not until his sobriety that he finally begins to reckon with the kind of person he wants to be, and he finally reckons with the ways he has hurt others. When a Scorpio stops putting themselves first, that's when they become truly marvelous forces of nature.

Sagittarius: Miguel Rivas

Sagittarius is a sign that thrives on challenge, whether in his work or personal life, and claustrophobic energy of any kind will surely send them packing. When we first meet Jack's colleague and soon-to-become best friend Miguel Rivas (Jon Huertas), he is an up-and-comer who thrives at the construction company where Jack has a much harder time integrating. Miguel is personable and approachable, as well as direct and honest, Sagittarius traits that make him a great salesperson as well as an excellent confidant for Jack. 

It's in his relationships, though, where the Sagittarius tendency toward boredom comes through, resulting in his first marriage ending abruptly in divorce. Decades later, Miguel and Rebecca reconnect long after Jack's death, and they fall in love. With Rebecca, Miguel gets all the excitement and drama his Sagittarius spirit can handle, thanks to her strong-willed personality. However, this includes all the tensions that arise between him and her triplets when Rebecca and Miguel get serious about their relationship. 

Finally, Miguel can settle down and, in many ways, sublimate his desire for change in his devotion to making Rebecca happy. He also makes it his mission to win over the Big Three by using that Sagittarius hunter spirit, and eventually, he does proves himself to be a vital member of the Pearson family.

Capricorn: Deja Pearson

Represented by the steadfast goat, some of which can climb a sheer cliff wall by force of will and careful planning, Capricorns are methodical in a very different way than their Aries or Taurus cousins. When a Capricorn gets knocked down, it'll dust itself off and get right back on track when other signs might start something new altogether. Often Capricorns are shy, with a withdrawn nature that sometimes has to do with a lack of self-confidence, even though their strengths are so evident. 

In the case of Deja Pearson (Lyric Ross), her lack of confidence stems from a great deal of abuse and neglect she'd survived already at such a young age. She bounces from her grandmother's house to her young mom and then through a brutal foster care system that doesn't do Deja any favors until she meets Randall and Beth Pearson, who eventually adopt her. 

Even as Deja rebounds from terrible situations, like her mother giving up parental rights entirely, it still takes her a long time to find that core of safety in herself, allowing her to relax and become part of the Pearson family. Once Deja starts settling into her new routine, we see her Capricorn dedication to maintaining not just her academic work and future plans but putting loving care and attention into all her relationships while securing her own personal boundaries.

Aquarius: Nicky Pearson

Thanks to a sequence about his birth and the draft that took him into the Vietnam War, we know that Jack's younger brother Nicky Pearson (Griffin Dunne) was born at 11:58 on October 18, 1948, which technically makes him a Libra. But since "This Is Us" doesn't follow astrological personality archetypes in its storytelling, Nicky actually corresponds more accurately with an Aquarius, a go-your-own-way kind of soul. Aquarians often stand out for their eccentricities, and in this sense, Nicky is a classic example. Unfortunately, Nickey stands out so much that his abusive father often targets him for violence because of it.

Aquarians are humanists and often have a collective perspective, even at a young age, that makes them primed to be activists for social justice rather than soldiers of war. This explains an enormous tension in Nicky Pearson's personality when he is forced into battle just because he wasn't born three little minutes later to escape the draft. 

Aquarians are also immensely free thinkers and independent beings, which often leads to difficulty in long-term relationships and can sometimes end with a life spent alone. When we rely on our solitude, it becomes almost impossible to even imagine sharing our space with others. This likely would have been Nicky's future had Kevin not taken it on himself to bond with Uncle Nicky and help re-socialize him with the Pearson family and beyond.

Pisces: William Hill

Often called the poet of the zodiac, Pisces is a sign marked by deep sensitivity, uncanny intuition, and boundless creativity. In the case of Randall Pearson's birth father, William, he actually is a poet and produces some beautiful works of art that Randall and his family would later cherish. However, the problem with being so sensitive and overflowing with empathy is that sometimes the realities of the world can be too much, and some might turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms to find moments of escape. 

In the case of William, drug addiction tears apart his family before it's even begun. A misunderstanding separates him from both his beloved wife and treasured son, creating a rift that he is never fully able to resolve before his death. But before William dies, he leaves an indelible positive mark on Randall, and especially his daughters Tess and Annie, who love William's soft-spoken manner and storytelling abilities. William has a comforting warmth characteristic of Pisces, making him an excellent caregiver and demonstrating he would have been an amazing father had circumstances gone differently. 

It's common for Pisces to absorb all the energy, good and bad, around them, which can be an overwhelming issue, as we see William struggle with. Thankfully, by the end of his time on earth, William does find peace in reuniting with his family, repairing an ancestral trauma that no longer will pass on to his grandchildren.