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Why James Gunn Calls Peacemaker His Favorite Thing He's Ever Done

Astonishingly, both Marvel and DC owe a debt of thanks to James Gunn. The director, who was primarily known for low-budget fare like "Super" and "Slither," rocketed to the A-list for helming Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" franchise. He took a bunch of D-list names from the comics and transformed them into some of the most popular heroes of the modern era. 

From there, DC tapped him to direct the semi-reboot/semi-sequel, "The Suicide Squad," which came out in 2021. It was an astounding success by all measures, earning a ton of critical praise in the process. However, Gunn wasn't done yet with bolstering DC's efforts. He spearheaded the studio's first DC Extended Universe series to go directly to HBO Max in the form of "Peacemaker," which follows the further adventures of the foul-mouthed bad guy played by John Cena. 

If you're still on the fence about whether to check it out or not, Gunn has a few choice words for why it's very much worth your time.

With Peacemaker, James Gunn says he's never 'been more excited to share something with the world'

We're on the precipice of having more Peacemaker in our lives, so naturally, the series creator, writer, and director James Gunn is busy doing rounds of press. He recently sat down for an interview with SUPES to talk about the upcoming HBO Max series. When asked why fans should get excited for "Peacemaker," Gunn didn't mince any words: "I think that 'Peacemaker' is everything people hope it's going to be and more. I've been making, you know, movies and writing books and doing all sorts of things, for now, I guess, almost ... over 25 years, and I have never ever been more excited to share something with the world than I am with 'Peacemaker.'"

That's some high praise, especially when considering the caliber of quality Gunn has consistently delivered over the years. He goes on to describe the series as both "insane" and "heartfelt," which are apt descriptors for pretty much anything the director has worked on in the past. Hopefully, audiences heed his call and check out the show when the first three episodes drop on HBO Max on January 13.