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This Is Where The Stairs Actually Lead To In Blue Bloods

Over the course of the long-running CBS series "Blue Bloods," fans have become intimately familiar with the lives and relationships of Donnie Wahlberg's character, NYPD Detective Danny Reagan, Tom Selleck's Commissioner Frank Reagan, and other members of the Reagan family of New York police officials. That intimacy often extends beyond the walls of the police department and the city streets. A decent amount of the show actually sees the Reagans residing in their own lavishly furnished household, often sitting down to eat a traditional Sunday dinner together as a family.

It's no secret that the colonial-style house featured in establishing shots of the Reagans' home is actually real and located in Brooklyn, New York. But while some fans might assume the interior of that house is the one that the show's crew use for filming, all interior shots of the Reagan house are actually filmed on a CBS set. Along those same lines, the staircase that leads up to Frank and Henry's (Len Carlou) bedrooms on the show is not all that it appears to be. In reality, the stairs lead somewhere else entirely.

The stairs don't lead to an upper floor at all

In an interview with TV personality Rachael Ray, former "Blue Bloods" actress Amy Carlson, who played Danny's wife Linda for the first seven seasons of the show, discussed some interesting anecdotes about the sets of "Blue Bloods." One surprising bit of information the actress shared is that the "upstairs" and "downstairs" sets of the Reagan house are actually not connected by the staircase that supposedly links them on the show. Of course, that brings up the question of where the staircase actually leads.

As it turns out, the stairs don't really lead to an upper floor at all. As demonstrated by Carlson in the interview video, the staircase ends abruptly right beyond the point that audiences can see on the show. What's even more strange is that the top of the short staircase actually opens out into the back of the kitchen closet on the same floor, right next to the dining room. In essence, it's just one weird little loop back down to the kitchen. It's definitely an interesting piece of trivia, but it's also pretty amusing for fans of "Blue Bloods." Now, whenever they watch one of the actors walk up the stairs to exit a scene, they'll know that they are simply hunched over in a corner, just out of sight.