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The Untold Truth Of Gold Rush's Tatiana Costa

If you ever wondered what it would be like to be an old-timey prospector digging for gold, Discovery's "Gold Rush" is probably the closest you can get to experience what that's like. Each season, different teams venture into the wilderness with the latest in mining technology in the hopes of striking it big. There's a lot on the line. A good dig can result in massive riches for every member of the team, but if a group's unable to find the minerals they need, they could be heading home with their tails between their legs. 

It's required the team leaders to find the best around, which made it a little strange when Parker Schnabel, a long-time fixture on the reality series, hired Tatiana Costa, a novice in the field, to become part of his crew. She's been on the series since 2020, but it's clear she's getting the hang of this whole mining thing. Here's what else we know about Costa.

Parker Schnabel was forced to hire inexperienced miners due to the COVID-19 pandemic

It's not easy venturing into the wilderness of Alaska or the Yukon to mine for gold. It makes sense these team leaders would want to hire the best around so that they have the best shot possible of striking riches, but many of the "Gold Rush" teams were put into binds in 2020 and beyond. The COVID-19 pandemic made it challenging to find good help, and beggars can't be choosers. For the 2020 season, Schnabel was forced to hire inexperienced miners, and that's where Tatiana Costa enters the picture.

She was a fresh face to this industry, but as documented on "Gold Rush," she quickly got the hang of things. She'd go on to post about her experiences on Instagram: "When Covid kicked in, I found myself in a new adventure: Gold Mining! Now that the season is over, I can say these last few months were the hardest, funnest and wildest of my life." It seems to have been a worthwhile investment on Schnabel's behalf as he now has a stellar member of his crew.

She's a proud dog momma

If Tatiana Costa loves anything more than mining, it might just be her adorable pug, Nacho. She frequently posts pictures of the pup on social media, taking the pooch anywhere she goes. This is evident from one post in 2021 where she uploaded a pic of her and Nacho with the following caption: "Exploring the Klondike with my buddy Nacho."

In fact, she loves her pet so much she even made him an Instagram page. There aren't many photos, but the ones that are there are positively to die for. They depict Nacho out on mining sites and generally enjoying nature. One such photo shows the dog with a mining operation in the background, followed by the caption: "It ain't much, but it's honest work. Also, I have no idea what I'm doing." Make sure to follow his page if you want to stay up-to-date with the one and only Nacho.

She's in a relationship with Taylor Matejka

Tatiana Costa doesn't necessarily delve deep into her personal life on "Gold Rush." To get any real tidbits in that regard, you'll have to go over to her social media profiles. While on her Instagram page, it becomes abundantly clear she's been with a man by the name of Taylor Matejka for quite some time. The two regularly post photos of one another on each other's accounts, and based on what we can find, the two are head over heels for one another. 

Not much is known about her beau — Taylor Matejka — but it appears the two have a mutual love for the great outdoors. They regularly post pictures of the two of them by the sea. They also both apparently love their pug, Nacho, who makes frequent appearances across both accounts. The pair has seemingly done it all, from scuba diving to traveling across South America.

She turned 30 in 2021

It's clear from her "Gold Rush" appearances that Tatiana Costa has a young, wild, adventurous spirit. And she has plenty more adventures in front of her, as she took to Instagram to commemorate a momentous milestone in life. On October 23, 2021, she posted a photo of herself going on a helicopter ride to celebrate turning 30. She included the caption: "Goodbye 20s, you were a wild but fun ride!"

What does the future potentially hold in store for Costa? By all accounts, she has no plans on slowing down any time soon, as her most recent Instagram post shows her up in the mountains, ready to ski. She goes on to state, "I thought I was a beach girl, until I found the Canadian mountains." There's no word yet if Costa will continue being part of the "Gold Rush" team further into her 30s, but now that she has the hang of the equipment, it'd make sense for Schnabel to keep her around.

She's an avid adventurer

Despite not having any previous mining experience prior to joining "Gold Rush," Tatiana Costa slips right into the work with ease. She's a chameleon out in the field, and it should really come as no surprise to anyone familiar with her Instagram presence.

Before settling into some time in the Canadian wilderness, Costa was an avid explorer. She has photos of herself and her loved ones from around the globe, and it's immediately clear she's not afraid to experience new things. For instance, she has a photo of herself enjoying a beer in Amsterdam from 2017. Her very next picture after that, with the two spaced apart by mere days, has her in Indonesia, as evidenced from the caption: "Hashtag no filter. Just Indonesian lighting." She's been all over the globe, and if she sticks around the "Gold Rush" crew, who knows where her adventures may take her next?