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Bizarre Room 104 Trailer Released

Things get weird fast in the new trailer for Room 104, an upcoming HBO anthology series from Mark and Jay Duplass. The show offers a window into the lives of a different set of characters each episode as they all stay in the same hotel room.

The bizarre trailer begins with two Mormon teens discussing their faith. One reveals that he has had coffee, much to the chagrin of his roommate, who insists that they pray for forgiveness. The coffee-drinker says he would rather pray for a sign, and, when they do, the television quickly turns on to an adult film. 

The opening is the most complete scene the trailer includes, with other bits and pieces teasing what is going on in the rest of the show's storylines. Some storylines the show will cover, as the brothers revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, include a woman forced to babysit a creepy kid; a cultist priest who promises a woman ascension to another realm; and the only survivor of a plane crash deciding what to do with her life now. "Every guest has a story," the trailer teases.

Many, many actors are set to appear in the anthology series, including Mae Whitman, James Van Der Beek, Nat Wolff, Karan Soni, Hugo Armstrong, Philip Baker Hall, Orlando Jones, Amy Landecker, and Tony Todd, along with creator Jay Duplass. Writers and directors for the series include future Captain Marvel directing duo Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, Improvement Club's Dayna Hanson, Silicon Valley's Carson Mell, This Is Me's Xan Aranda, Lamb's Ross Partridge, The Edge of Seventeen's Doug Emmett, and Buster's Mal Heart's Sarah Adina Smith. 

Room 104 is set to premiere on July 28 at 11:30 p.m. on HBO; while we wait, see some of the other TV shows that will blow you away this year.