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We Finally Know The Truth About Peacemaker's Helmet

Contains spoilers for "Peacemaker" Episode 1

If you're going to play hero, you better have some impressive threads to back it up. Batman has that pointed cowl. Spider-Man has that iconic webbed suit. And Christopher Smith has an overly expensive bedpan for a helmet. Mocked at length following his debut in James Gunn's "The Suicide Squad," the Peacemaker's great silver helmet was a standout accessory, albeit it one that had little obvious purpose other than making its wearer look like the esteemed butthead he purports to be.

In contrast to Bloodsport's arsenal-based attire and even Polka-Dot Man's spotted suit, Peacemaker's golf club-like shirt and pants with that chrome dome feels like a punchline magnet. It's an objectively stupid ensemble. The shiny helmet had no use in the film and felt like the icing on an already over-the-top cake. Enter the "Peacemaker" TV series to double down on this insane piece costuming.

As it turns out, this headwear that Peacemaker can't be without comes in all shapes and sizes.

Peacemaker has more than one helmet because of course he does

As revealed in the first episode of the new HBO Max show, "Peacemaker," the former Task Force X team member doesn't make the helmets himself, but instead has them handmade by his father, Auggie Smith (Robert Patrick). 

Interestingly, Papa Smith has made various Peacemaker helmets with different functions never revealed in the film. In the show, Smith's newest headpiece is equipped with the ability to deliver a sonic boom, which he puts into full effect near the first episode's conclusion, during his encounter with a Butterfly. It's a brutal deployment that decimates a hotel parking lot and turns his attacker to a mushy paste in the process. Wonderful.

No explanation is given for why Peacemaker's headgear in "The Suicide Squad" didn't come with these added extras, but we did see in the debut episode that there are plenty more helmets for our hero to try on and put to the test. Although, we hope the one that gives the user scabies (as revealed in the post-credits scene) doesn't get used at any point.