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The Code Geass Scene That Fans Agree Went Too Far

"Code Geass" is an exceptional anime that maintains the nigh-impossible 100% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, even after over 10 years have passed. Combining magic, mechanized battle walkers, and political intrigue, "Code Geass" follows series protagonist Lelouch vi Brittania (Johnny Yong Bosch), an exiled prince, as he wrestles with a world that has been divided by three superpowers. These continent-spanning empires consist of Brittania (America), Europa United (Europe), and the Chinese Federation (China).

Originally airing in 2006 and running for 25 episodes before a spin-off series, "Code Geass" is actually a term for a magical power possessed by Lelouch. This power allows him to command or suggest actions to individuals, much to the interpretation of the listener. He uses this power to organize a rebellion against the powers that be, but there are unintended consequences of this power. Fans of "Code Geass" are probably exceptionally familiar with the scene in question that some say went too far, if only for the shocking brutality of it all, and its ultimate ramifications.

Euphie gives an order to kill the Japanese

In an event that fans have come to call the "Euphinator Incident" comes from Episode 22 of the first season of "Code Geass," titled, "Bloodstained Euphie." This episode sees the kind pacifist Euphemia gather the conquered people of Japan (referred to as Elevens) to announce that she is creating a special designation for them and giving them autonomy of their own country. However, before she addresses the crowd, she and her half-brother Lelouch are joking around when Lelouch accidentally activates his power while telling Euphie to "just kill all of the Japanese."

Assembling on Reddit to discuss the episode, Reddit user u/Daleifur said, "What did I just watch? Is this what you rewatchers have been waiting for? Are you f*****g happy now? Good lord this was insane. One small, meaningless sentence out of Lelouch and a f*****g massacre takes place. I can truly say that Euphemia asking everyone to die and the image of her spinning around unloading with an SMG is something that I'll never forget. This show is wild."

Reddit user u/JayC-Hoster added, "I was 12 when I first saw this episode, I was absolutely shocked and horrified, and I was falling so hard for Euphie too, then I hated [Lelouch] for a long while." On another website, TVTropes, user ManWithaPlan stated, "And on the incident itself; it was handled horribly. Absolutely horribly. The only really stupid moment of the first season. Like everyone's said, the setup was ridiculous. Her actually massacring the elevens was over the top. And worst of all was that it ended in her death." Though this episode aired many years ago, it seems that fans are still upset with this scene, even though it essentially kicked off the major events of the series.