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What Really Happened To The Uzumaki Clan Before The Events Of Naruto

"Naruto" took the Shonen Jump torch from predecessors such as "Dragon Ball" and ran all the way to become a massive success in its own right. The series, which stars the orange-clad Naruto Uzumaki, provides a unique spin on the concept of mystical shinobi. "Naruto" is filled with stellar battles, memorable characters, and a worthy legacy that continues today thanks to the adventures of Naruto's son "Boruto."

Keeping with the theme of family, the idea of clans plays a significant role in the world of "Naruto." Most family clans in the series are very distinct because of the fantastic genetic abilities shared throughout generations. However, some notable family clans also have a tragic history. We only need to recall Sasuke Uchiha's backstory to remember the sad fate of his family clan. These days, the Uzumaki clan is faring much better in "Boruto," but the bloodline had seen much better days during Naruto's prime as a budding ninja. In fact, given the epic story of "Naruto," which includes heartbreaking deaths, massive nation wars, and shocking resurrections, some fans might have forgotten what happened to the Uzumaki clan before the events of "Naruto." But we're here to jog that memory.

Other nations nearly wiped out the Uzumaki clan

The Uzumaki may have once proudly resided in their own village, but thanks to other nations, that home was destroyed. As Naruto's mother, Kushina Uzumaki, explains in Chapter 500 of the manga (via Viz), the Uzumaki clan was known for their powerful sealing jutsu abilities. However, that incredible power stoked the fears of other nations. As a result, during what she calls a time of war, Uzushio, the former village of the clan, became no more and members of the Uzumaki were hunted and killed. Any survivors of the Uzumaki were forced to hide throughout other villages.

Notably, this is how Naruto winds up as a Konoha native, as his mother got sent to live in the Hidden Leaf Village. Surprisingly, the Uzumaki clan lived on through other characters besides Naruto. Many fans might already know that Konoha's Fifth Hokage, Tsunade, has Uzumaki blood running through her veins thanks to being the granddaughter of Mito Uzumaki, the wife of the First Hokage. But Naruto's most shocking relatives come thanks to Karin and Nagato. Their fiery red hair and vast chakra are dead giveaways, but both characters' ties to the Uzumaki are revealed in key series moments. During his fight against Sasuke and Itachi in chapter 579, Kabuto confirms that Karin is an Uzumaki descendant. And in Episode 253 (via Crunchyroll) of the anime, Tobi confirms Nagato's relation to the clan while visiting his grave.