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The Unique Demand Will Ferrell Had In His Semi-Pro Contract

Funnyman of film Will Ferrell has delivered some genuinely epic gut-busters in his time. From "Anchorman" to "Step Brothers" to skating to one song and one song only in "Blades of Glory," this actor has given us plenty of reasons to laugh over the years. In doing so, his ability to call the shots both in front of the camera as a leading man and behind the camera as an A-list talent has only gotten greater. Of the many entries in his comedic catalog, though, there is one film that saw Ferrell make some rather exciting demands that no logical human would consider, but it seems something was rattling in the actor's brain for some time.

The requests were made while filming his lackluster sports comedy "Semi-Pro," which he stars in opposite Woody Harrelson and Outkast's André Benjamin. "Semi-Pro" tells the story of a failing basketball team in the 1970s that is owned, coached, and captained by Jackie Moon (Ferrell). Naturally, working doubly hard on a project like this requires extra special treatment to keep the star on the top of their game. However, even with various celeb demands, it's safe to say that the ones Ferrell had came with a few extra surprises.

Will Ferrell wanted a rainbow for Semi-Pro

As revealed in his contract caught by Smoking Gun, the "Semi-Pro" star's demands for his new film did come with rather extravagant demands that anyone may struggle to see a purpose in having. As revealed by the site, Will Ferrell requested one flight of stairs (approximately six feet high) on wheels, as well as one fake tree (about 15 to 20 feet tall), also on wheels. To ensure a bit of color on the set, the actor also requested one rainbow on wheels that he would allow to be painted on a canvas.

In addition to these requests, there was one item on Ferrell's interesting list that at least made a little bit of sense compared to everything else. As a mode of transport, he also requested a scooter to get him to and from the stage when necessary. Compared to a cardboard cut out of a tree and rainbow, a scooter was the least of the studio's problems. That was, of course, besides the poor reception the film received, earning a pitiful 22% on Rotten Tomatoes, proving there are some things even a rainbow can't brighten up.