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The League Of Legends Characters We Might See In Arcane Season 2

Spoilers for "Arcane" Season 1 ahead

The first season of Netflix's hit "League of Legends" show "Arcane" ended on a huge cliffhanger, with the fate of several main characters hanging in the balance. In the final act, Jinx attempted to make Vi choose between her and Caitlyn, kidnapping them both and forcing them to attend a creepy tea party. In the end, she was the one who had to make a choice. When Silco (whom she had also kidnapped because, Jinx) wriggled free of his bindings and pulled a gun on Vi, Jinx instinctively opened fire, saving her sister and fatally wounding her adoptive father.

Silco comforted a distraught Jinx in his final moments, and in doing so, he convinced her to bury her past for good. Having weaponized the Hextech gemstone that she stole, Jinx fired a rocket straight at the Piltover council chamber, catching Jayce, Mel, and the rest of the council unaware. There's a theory that Mel was somehow able to shield the councilors from harm (her back lit up with a gold pattern moments before the missile hit), but we'll have to wait for the second season for confirmation of who made it out alive.

The first teaser trailer seemed to confirm that the Vi-Caitlyn-Jinx dynamic will remain central to the plot in Season 2, but some new characters (and perhaps even some new locations) are also expected to play a role. These are the "League of Legends" champions that we might see in "Arcane" Season 2.

Darius is one of several Noxians tipped to appear

Is Mel Medarda still alive? It's one of the biggest unanswered questions from "Arcane" Season 1, but there's also the matter of her brother, who is indeed dead. At least, that's what her mother told her. When Noxian warlord Ambessa Medarda showed up in Piltover (her estranged daughter's adopted home) hoping to get her hands on some Hextech weapons, she came with bad news: Mel's brother had been killed after "he crossed the wrong man" when her back was turned. "I was distracted," she added. "That's a mistake I can't take back." She didn't reveal the identity of the man who killed her son, though it could be the work of a few Noxus-based champions, including Darius.

Named the Hand of Noxus after leading his troops to a historic victory on the battlefield, Darius learned to fight when he was still a child. He and his brother, Draven, grew up on the streets of Basilich, a port city that, like so many others, was swallowed by the Noxian empire. He rose through the ranks of the military after beheading a Noxian general who did the unthinkable and ordered a retreat, winning the respect of his comrades. Darius went on to lead his own elite force in many legendary campaigns, but there was trouble brewing back home. When he returned to the Noxian capital with his troops, he discovered that the emperor had been killed in a coup supported by his brother, Draven.

Blitzcrank is Viktor's greatest creation

In "Arcane" Season 1, Hextech pioneer Viktor was almost driven to suicide after his attempts to cure his terminal illness led to the accidental death of Sky, his longtime assistant and friend. Thankfully, Jayce was there to comfort his devastated colleague, who was still around come the end of the season. He was portrayed in a sympathetic light throughout, shown as a genius inventor whose heart is in the right place, though "League of Legends" fans know that there's a lot more to come from Viktor. In "League" lore, Viktor goes on to get a lot more maniacal with his idealist views, but before he gets there, he invents everyone's favorite golem: Blitzcrank.

Viktor grew up on Zaun's Entresol level (the level just below the Promenade, where the richest inhabitants of the undercity wine and dine) but was always aware of the conditions lower down. His early inventions helped make Zaun's factories safer, but it was his repurposing of an old golem (steam-powered mechanical creations designed to deal with toxic waste) that became his greatest achievement. After fitting the golem that would become known as Blitzcrank with a Hextech crystal, he found that it was clearing away dangerous sewage at a remarkably fast rate. More incredible yet, it seemed to be learning. By the time Viktor realized that Blinkcrank had become fully sentient, it was too late — the Great Steam Golem flew the nest and now operates completely independently in Zaun.

Is Urgot lurking below Zaun?

It seems inevitable that Urgot, aka the Dreadnought, will show up in "Arcane" at some point. In "League of Legends" lore, Urgot is a Noxian headsman who took countless lives in the name of the expansionist empire. That same empire would ultimately betray him, however. Urgot was sent on a mission to Zaun, charged with eliminating a terrorist cell plotting against Noxus. By the time he realized that his mission was just an excuse to get him out of the way, a coup had taken place back home, and Urgot was on the outs. He found himself at the mercy of the chem-barons and was soon sent to the Dredge, the infamous chemtech prison mine located deep below Zaun.

He was a broken man with nothing left to live for when he entered, but Urgot was reborn in the mines. The once-feared Noxian realized that if he could survive the Dredge, he could survive anything, and his attitude was contagious. Fellow prisoners became followers, and Urgot was able to seize control of the prison from the helpless warden. After replacing the "weak" parts of his body with more reliable machinery, he instigated a deadly prison break and took over the Zaun underworld, becoming a threat to Piltover in the process.

Vi and Caitlyn fought Urgot and his followers in the 2020 "Warriors" cinematic, and while this showdown might not play out on screen until future seasons, there's every chance Urgot will debut in Season 2.

Dr. Mundo will see you now

Dr. Mundo popped up in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it "Arcane" Season 1 Easter egg, and he could make his first proper appearance in the upcoming second season of the show. A torn poster featuring the old Corporate Mundo design can be seen as Powder peaks around a corner during the first act, confirming that this increasingly popular champion (he became an unexpected favorite with professional "League of Legends" players in 2021) exists in the "Arcane" universe. It makes sense that he would be active in Zaun, as he lurks in the undercity's now-deserted asylum in "League" lore.

Before he became a purple-skinned, muscle-bound monster, Dr. Mundo was an enforcer for one of Zaun's most feared chem-barons. He was always a big guy, but he was also a friendly and outgoing character. This didn't sit well with his boss, who would eventually grow tired of Mundo's over-familiarity. To make an example of him, the chem-baron had Mundo locked away in Zaun's asylum, where residents were more guinea pigs than patients.

When the chem-baron decided that Mundo had served his time, he returned to the asylum — and found a blood bath. Mundo had lost his mind under the strain of the experiments, convincing himself that he was a doctor. When he broke free, he subjected staff and fellow patients to "surgery," and the chem-baron met the same fate. If Zaun's Asylum for the Irreparably Troubled comes into play in "Arcane" Season 2, so will Dr. Mundo.

Vander's return as Warwick is highly likely

The "League of Legends" champion we're most likely to see in the upcoming second season of "Arcane" is Warwick, who was teased numerous times during Season 1 and again in the Season 2 teaser. It appears as though presumed-dead barkeep Vander will be brought back as the classic champion, created by Singed in "League" lore. Singed was nearby when Vander went down swinging in the first act of Season 1, so recovering his body would have been relatively straightforward. When the camera zooms away from Singed during the final moments of the last episode, he glances up at the body of a hulking, clawed figure as Sting's "What Could Have Been" plays. The song opens with the line "I am the monster you created."

Some of the hints were a little more subtle. Silco talks about Vander playing "lap dog" to the Pilties, for example, and a version of the music from Warwick's "League of Legends" login screen plays as Vander gets dragged away by Silco's goons. Even Vander's nickname — the Hound of the Underground — appears to have been a nod towards his future. If/when he becomes Warwick, he'll go by a new moniker: the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun. According to Warwick's official bio, Singed fitted his body with "an intricate system of chambers and pumps, machinery filling his veins with alchemical rage." In short, he turned him into a chemically-enhanced cyborg werewolf, and who doesn't want to see that?

Camille could sprint into action during Season 2

One champion that keeps coming up as fans debate which characters make sense for "Arcane" Season 2 is Camille, and there's good reason for that. Also known as the Steel Shadow, Camille belongs to Clan Ferros, a well-known Piltover family with a murky past. The clan's mansion base is located in Bluewind Court (an area to the north of the city where the most influential Pilties live), but their business has long been conducted in the factories of the undercity. There, hex-crystals are synthetically produced, a risky but ultimately profitable endeavor.

As a child, Camille was named the family's principal intelligencer, which meant extensive combat training. She excelled, but there was nothing she could do to save her father: the pair got attacked by Zaunites with augmented bodies one day, and Camille's dad died from his injuries. Camille began augmenting her own body, wanting to be as strong as humanly possible. Family's artificer Hakim Naderi, who loved her deeply, worried that she would be more machine than woman if she carried on, but, fearing her weaker brother might succumb to the same fate as their father, she kept going.

Her bladed legs and grapple-spindled hips became her most eye-catching additions, though the last straw for Hakim was her heart — he resigned after she made him replace it with a Hextech one. Camille's lore fits perfectly with everything happening onscreen in Piltover, making her one of the most likely new characters for "Arcane" Season 2.

Did Swain's Noxus coup already happen?

The man who staged the coup in Noxus while Urgot was busy chasing false leads in Zaun, Jericho Swain was seemingly teased on more than one occasion during the first season of "Arcane." Viewers noticed that ravens kept showing up at major incidents, birds associated with Swain in "League of Legends" lore. He was born into an influential Noxian family and grew up with a deep love for the empire — so deep that he executed his own parents after discovering that they were plotting against it.

He would lose an arm fighting for Noxus in the Ionian wars, and as he lay dying on the battlefield, a raven landed next to him. In its eye, he saw how corrupt the empire really was. He also saw a glimpse of the power that his parents had sought when they were plotting against the empire, an ancient entity lurking below The Immortal Bastion, the old fortification upon which the capital city of Noxus Prime sits. Swain did what his parents couldn't: he located the entity and found a way to wield it. With a demonic hand and a desire to take Noxus in a new direction, he defeated emperor Boram Darkwill.

In the "League of Legends" timeline, Swain's coup takes place in 989AN. Jinx began terrorizing Piltover sometime between 993AN and 994AN, which means that Swain likely seized control of Noxus during the timeskip between the first and second acts of "Arcane" Season 1.

Ziggs has ties to Heimerdinger and Jinx

"Arcane" introduced viewers to yorldes (a race of furry little spirits in the "League of Legends" universe) via the distinguished Professor Cecil B. Heimerdinger, a founding father of Piltover. Heimerdinger helped turn the City of Progress into a shining beacon known across Runeterra, though he's lost touch according to some of his younger colleagues. He ventured into the undercity after being booted from the council in a vote initiated by Jayce in Season 1, quickly forming a bond with the leader of the Firelights, Ekko. Heimerdinger was blown away by the Zaunite's ingenuity, though he's not the first to impress him in this way.

In "League" lore, Heimerdinger once had an assistant by the name of Ziggs, a fellow yordle and an expert in "Hexplosives," a term he coined himself. He idolized Heimerdinger and had the potential to be just as great, though his flagrant disregard for safety made him something of an outcast among yordle scientists. "Ziggs? Unpredictable, dangerous, yes yes," Heimerdinger once said. "But quite brilliant!" 

The yordle's unpredictable and dangerous nature meant he got along swimmingly with fellow mayhem maker Jinx when they happened to meet one day. The two quickly developed a friendship, and, after a crazy night together in the undercity, Ziggs decided to join Jinx in Zaun, making it his new home. With ties to Zaun's loose cannon and Piltover's revered inventor, there's every chance Ziggs could feature in "Arcane" Season 2.

Kindred popped up in a Zaun brothel

The first season of "Arcane" was full of nods to as of yet unseen "League of Legends" champions. Eagle-eyed fans of the game noticed several familiar items in Benzo's shop, including Tryndamere's helmet and a mask apparently belonging to the fan-favorite Jhin, aka The Virtuoso. Both of those champions are associated with other parts of Runeterra that may or may not become the settings of future shows, though neither are likely to show up in "Arcane" Season 2. One character(s) that might, however, is Kindred. In fact, Kindred was kind of in Season 1.

After Caitlyn had Vi released from Stillwater prison on the condition that she help her hunt down Silco, the pair hit up a brothel in Zaun looking for information. As they passed the various rooms, Caitlyn couldn't help but glance left and right, and she saw a cozy-looking couple wearing two very familiar looking masks. Discerning "League" players will have instantly recognized these are representing Lamb and Wolf, the two halves of Kindred, Runeterra's harbinger of death. "Kindred is the white embrace of nothingness and the gnashing of teeth in the dark," reads the champion's official bio. "Shepherd and the butcher, poet and the primitive, they are one and both."

Kindred is most closely associated with Demacia and Noxus, the latter of which is set to feature in the coming second season. If the brothel scene is anything to go by, however, then Kindred is already present in Zaun.

Could Singed's daughter actually be Orianna?

There were a ton of small details that only true fans noticed in the first season of "Arcane," but one particular moment involving Singed (aka the Mad Chemist) came as a shock to "League of Legends" players because it wasn't part of his lore. There are no children in his backstory — but that's not the case in the hit Netflix show. Singed revealed that he "had a daughter once" during Season 1, and there was a shot of him looking at a picture of a girl in a locket. As one Twitter user pointed out with a side-by-side comparison, Singed's daughter looks an awful lot like "League of Legends" champion Orianna, rocking an almost identical haircut.

Fans of the game know that Orianna has ties to both Zaun and Piltover. She was a normal topsider once, but she ventured below to help the Zaunites after news of a chemical disaster reached the surface. The gas she inhaled during the relief efforts ate away at her lungs, so her father (a brilliant artificer named Corin Reveck) invented artificial ones. The poison continued to spread, and, one by one, her dad replaced her organs with mechanical ones until only her heart remained. She would later donate her heart to her dying father, giving up the last of her humanity. It would mean tweaking the lore somewhat, but it's possible that Corin Reveck and Singed are one and the same in the "Arcane" universe.

Did we see Twitch's origin story in Season 1?

It seems as though Singed could be the brains behind several new characters in "Arcane" Season 2. On top of the rumors that he's actually Orianna's father, there's a theory that he created the well-known "League of Legends" champion Twitch during the first season of the show, right under our noses. Before Singed got the injuries that led to his name (in the huge explosion caused by Jinx, back when she was still Powder), he was seen experimenting with rats. In one scene, he filled a rat's water bottle with Shimmer, and, after drinking it, said rat ripped apart the cat that had previously been eyeing it up. Many now believe that this was a mini origin story for Twitch, aka the Plague Rat.

In "League of Legends" lore, Twitch is a huge rat that walks on two legs and uses the other two for violence. He resides on Zaun's Sump level, the deepest, dirtiest part of the undercity, a place where things that were once treasured by humans often end up. Down in the Sump, Twitch lives like a king. He sits on "a throne of refuse in his kingdom of filth," according to his official bio, and is "endlessly plotting the downfall of humanity." Twitch hates humankind with a passion — especially the posh Pilties in their immaculately clean city. There's more bad blood than ever going into "Arcane" Season 2, so don't be surprised if Twitch joins the fight.