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Marvel's Inhumans Trailer Released

Trouble is coming in the first trailer for Marvel's Inhumans. The eight episode series will follow the royal family of Attilan after they are splintered by a military coup, forcing them to escape to Hawaii. There, their interactions with humanity could not only save them, but the whole world.

The trailer begins with Iwan Rheon's Maximus encouraging his brother Black Bolt (Anson Mount) to flee their planet and head to Earth. "Sooner or later the humans are going to find us up here," he says. "You should have known this day was coming."

Black Bolt has different plans, and his inaction frustrates Maximus. "Are we supposed to follow our king and remain as silent as he is?" he says. "We need to go to Earth now. We've been hiding here too long. Let's go to our rightful home. If we were on Earth we would have a glorious planet to live on, thrive on." 

Black Bolt's wife Medusa (Serinda Swan) warns Maximus that he is talking about treason, but Maximus does not care. Although Black Bolt's advisors warn him about Maximus' treachery, he seems unable to see the evil in his brother. "We will not let anyone or anything stop us," Maximus says. "We will create our destiny. Nothing will keep us from being free." 

This freedom manifests in Maximus and his men capturing the rest of the royal family, but, when they try to grab Black Bolt, he flees to Hawaii, along with the family pet, the 2,000 pound teleporting bulldog Lockjaw. There, he immediately begins to conflict with the humans, who clearly don't understand his miraculous appearance. The trailer ends with Black Bolt accidentally unleashing just the smallest of sighs while in a fight, with his power flipping a nearby car.

The show, which comes from Iron Fist's Scott Buck, has an extensive ensemble cast, including Isabelle Cornish as Medusa's younger sister Crystal, Eme Ikwuakor as the leader of the Attilan military, Ken Leung as Black Bolt's trusted advisor Karnak, Mike Moh as Black Bolt's cousin Triton, Sonya Balmores as the no-nonsense head of the Royal Guards of Attilan, and Ellen Woglom and Henry Ian Cusick as new characters created for the show.

Fittingly with the series' epic scale, Inhumans is set to get a mega-sized premiere, with the first two episodes holding a two-week berth in IMAX theaters beginning Sept. 1 before moving over to the small screen on Sept. 29. The series will anchor ABC's Friday night genre programming block, airing at 9 p.m. following Once Upon a Time. While we wait, see why the series will be better than you think