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Marisa Ramirez's Favorite Episode Of Blue Bloods

The lion's share of attention on "Blue Bloods" may go toward the Reagan family, but they're not the only ones keeping the streets of New York City safe. They have entire departments filled with people to lend a helping hand or get in the way (depending on the needs of the episode), and one of the family's greatest confidants over the years is Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez). 

She became a recurring character in Season 3 before moving up to a series regular starting with Season 4, and she's been solving crimes alongside Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) ever since. The two partners have developed a great rapport back and forth to where they not only encourage each other to have new ideas on how to approach a case, but they can have a ton of fun in the process. 

The cast has really grown into its own kind of family after the show has been on the air for over a decade at this point. So perhaps it's only appropriate that Ramirez's favorite episode is one that celebrates that familial spirit.

Marisa Ramirez's favorite Blue Bloods episode is Something Blue

CBS made a special recording featuring some of the stars of "Blue Bloods," where they all walk through some of their favorite episodes. Some of them make sense, while others may throw you for a loop initially, but Marisa Ramirez included one of the most touching episodes of the series as her favorite. And her character doesn't necessarily have a large part to play in it. 

Her favorite episode is Season 9's "Something Blue," which is best remembered as the episode where Jamie (Will Estes) marries Edit Janko (Vanessa Ray). She says simply being part of such a momentous scene was a great occasion for her, and she loved being part of something so special. As she states, "Just the church scene, all of the cast members there, everyone dressed up. I ... really was crying. It was emotional. It was sweet. It was fun. It was just great to all be together in a scene and kind of be invited to such a momentous occasion."

Ramirez probably wasn't the only one crying from that episode, as fans all over likely shed some tears finally seeing Jamie and Edit tie the knot. It's a great episode to pick as a favorite as the Reagans gained a new family member that day.