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Pop Team Epic Season 2 Release Date, Characters And Plot - What We Know So Far

Popuko and Pipimi aren't dead yet. Instead, the dizzyingly ridiculous duo are experiencing a revival as their anime, "Pop Team Epic," gears up for a Season 2. You may recognize the cutely-drawn anime girls from the surreal Japanese gag comic of the same name, created by Bkub Okawa (via ComicBook.com). In all their oddness, the duo's weird collection of adventures made the rounds on the internet, circulating through manga and meme culture before eventually becoming an anime in 2018.

Since then, however, fans have seen nothing new from the "Pop Team Epic" anime, and it almost seemed as if that would be it for the series. Thankfully, the recently announced second season is well on its way. Though a specific release date has yet to be announced, there is still something to consider when it comes to the season's plot and characters. With that being said, here is what we know so far about "Pop Team Epic" Season 2.

What is the release date of Pop Team Epic Season 2?

While there is no set release date yet for the upcoming second season of "Pop Team Epic," we do have a very good idea of a general release window. Following the conclusion of the series' "remix" broadcast, the anime's official Twitter account posted an update revealing Season 2, which is set to release sometime in 2022. Unfortunately, that's about as specific as the Season 2 announcement gets. 

However, if Season 2 retains the same seasonal time slot as its predecessor, then fans could very likely get their "Pop Team Epic" fix in early January. That being said, an early January release date seems too soon after Season 2's announcement to be likely. If any anime were to be released in such an odd way, however, it would be "Pop Team Epic." As for how fans are supposed to enjoy Season 2 when it releases, it is expected to continue streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation shortly after its initial airing in Japan.

Who are the characters in Pop Team Epic Season 2?

We have to admit, characters are not the ultimate strength of "Pop Team Epic." Don't get us wrong, Popuko and Pipimi are two fantastic Japanese school girls. As an all-out gag anime, however, "Pop Team Epic" is not the best source for strong, consistent characterization. It is a wild ride of short-form jokes and absurd humor. The two characters have whims that change as frequently as the tides.

Even so, there are a few differences between these two, who basically remain the anime's only consistent characters. Popuko, the short blond one, has a much less reserved personality. More often than her taller counterpart, Popuko is one to lose her temper. In contrast, Pipimi is a calm soul. That being said, behind that calmness is a little bit of a dark streak that both of them share. All in all, the two serve as good foils for each other in the unrelenting ridiculousness of their own show.

What is the plot of Pop Team Epic Season 2?

Much like the characters of "Pop Team Epic," there isn't too much in the way of plot. In fact, there is even less, because the show's only real consistent elements are Popuko and Pipimi. The two go on journeys, sure, but if you expect those journeys to last more than a few minutes on average then you're out of luck. True to its four-panel comic roots, each segment of the show generally runs long enough to get a joke or two out before moving on to the next nonsensical thing.

Another odd facet of the bizarre anime series, however, is that each episode essentially repeats itself. In truth, the writers and animators only make about half an episode's worth of content per episode. The runtime of the anime is then doubled by having two distinct vocal performances for each repetition. The first half of the show might have Popuko and Pipimi voiced by a pair of female voice actresses, while the second half repeats all of the same gags with an over-the-top male performance. This is true in both the sub and dub of the show, and has become its longest-running gag. It's unknown whether the creators intend to reuse this idea for Season 2 when it releases in the coming year.