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Marvel's Spider-Man Short Reveals Familiar Origin Story

It's a story everyone knows by now, but maybe not everyone under 12.

Disney XD released a sneak peek at Marvel's Spider-Man, a new animated series that will introduce Peter Parker to a younger audience. It's one of a planned six animated shorts that will debut ahead of the show's official premiere later this summer.

In this clip, we see how Parker becomes the teenage webslinger. A young know-it-all who loves science, he's thrilled that his class takes a field trip to Oscorp Industries, the company owned by Norman Osborn, the father of his best friend, Harry. But a seemingly random series of events leads to Parker being bitten by an "experimental" spider, which immediately gives him his powers.

Of course, Spider-Man: Homecoming won't get into the origin story like the previous movie franchises, so this also serves as a pretty fun refresher course.

We've still got five more shorts to come before Marvel's Spider-Man arrives, and we'll definitely keep you posted. In the meantime, check out some Spider-Man facts you may not know.