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Who Is The Wookiee Gladiator In The Book Of Boba Fett Chapter 2?

Chapter 2 of "The Book of Boba Fett" is giving "Star Wars" fans plenty to talk about. Like its predecessor, the second installment of the Disney+ series flips between the past and the present, delving more into Boba Fett's (Temuera Morrison) backstory, specifically during the period of time after he emerges from the Sarlacc pit. Fett finds himself in league with a tribe of Tusken Raiders, whose respect he gains after he helps them attack a bypassing train run by the Pyke Syndicate. Thankful for his help after the train battle, the Tuskens lead Fett on a quest to a new weapon using a prophetic lizard, and even give him a set of their black robes.

But before the flashback sequence with the Tuskens, we get a scene that introduces some new, important characters to the series. After Fett receives a mysterious threat from the mayor of Mos Espa, he and his assassin sidekick, Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen), head to The Sanctuary and come face to face with members of Jabba the Hutt's family. The so-called Twins have come to reclaim their cousin Jabba's territory and in their party is a particularly menacing Wookiee. Interestingly enough, that Wookiee bodyguard may have a more significant role than just standing there and looking intimidating.

The Wookiee gladiator in The Book of Boba Fett Chapter 2 is most likely Black Krrsantan

Although unnamed, all signs point to the intimidating Wookiee bodyguard from "The Book of Boba Fett" Chapter 2 as being Black Krrsantan, a gladiator-turned-bounty hunter. Boba Fett references "gladiators," hinting at the Wookiee's past, plus this Wookiee also sports huge spiked shoulder pads, black hair, and a golden chest piece, all characteristics of Black Krrsantan (per Wookieepedia).

In "Star Wars" lore, Black Krrsantan is a disgraced Wookiee from Kashyyyk who was captured and trained under the crime bosses the Xonti Brothers. Black Krrsantan eventually becomes a bounty hunter working for Jabba the Hutt, at one point alongside Boba Fett. Jabba lends Krrsantan to Darth Vadar for a mission, and once his contract is up, Krrsantan joins the heist crew of the rogue Doctor Alpha where he would spend quite a bit of time.

Now in "The Book of Boba Fett," it would seem Krrsantan is once again working for the Hutts, this time for Jabba's twin relatives. Krrsantan no doubt serves as a looming presence to Fett, and given the male Twin's threat — "Sleep lightly, bounty hunter" — we are probably going to see Krrsantan again.