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The Creepiest Crime Scene From CSI Season 13

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" has had its fair share of disturbing set-pieces. In every episode, the team responds to a horrific act of violence. They have to carefully look after a deceased body for clues to determine who could be behind such an atrocity. Anything can lead the team in the right direction, from paintings slightly askew to apparent crimes of passion. And then, there are the crime scenes that are so despicable, you can't possibly imagine how someone could come up with the fictitious scenario.

For example, on a Season 15 episode titled "Merchants of Menace," the lead group investigates a murder memorabilia conference only to discover a real-life crime has taken place. When the tarp comes off of a vehicle about to be auctioned off, there's a dead body in the seat. But the team behind the scenes didn't save the most gruesome crime scenes for the very last season. You'll find a horrendous act of violence featured in the Season 13 episode "Skin in the Game."

The Dante-inspired murders are downright creepy

Sometimes the killers on "CSI" have fairly straightforward modus operandi. They wanted to kill someone for a specific reason, potentially out of lust or passion, and things went sideways. Then you have the killers who want to create an entire mythology around their crimes, and that's where Season 13, Episode 22, "Skin in the Game," factors into the equation.

Over the course of a few days, several people affiliated with the sinful businesses Las Vegas has become famous for wind up dead. Not only that, but their bodies are then staged in elaborate poses, which the team soon learns take after drawings from Dante's "Inferno." While the initial thoughts are that these result from different killers, they soon point to a single individual who has a taste for classic literature.

A lot of the time, it's horrific enough to see a single corpse in a "CSI" episode. This one takes you through one crime scene after the next, each more terrible as it goes on. The Season 13 finale appropriately ups the ante to leave the viewers with a sense of unease, and it's arguably the most disturbing episode to come out of its respective season.