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Why The Girl In The Cantina From The Book Of Boba Fett Chapter 2 Is More Important Than You Think

While the biggest revelation to come out of "The Book of Boba Fett" Chapter 2 is undoubtedly the return of the Hutts to Tatooine, the episode also provided fans with some pretty crucial details about Boba Fett's (Temuera Morrison) backstory. And some of those details are perhaps more important in the grand scheme of the story itself.

Chapter 2 continues the nonlinear narrative present in the series' pilot. After the arrival of the Hutts, we flash back to Fett's story just after his escape from the Sarlacc Pit and learn more about his dealings with the Tusken Raiders. Fett is moved by the plight of the Raiders, and after a vicious attack on the tribe by an armored train, he decides to procure some speeder bikes so the Raiders can track down the train and seek revenge.

His search for speeders leads him to the Tosche Station cantina, and when he enters, he finds that the patrons of the bar are almost exclusively alien, save for two humans seated in the corner. As it happens, one of those humans is actually Camie Marstrap (Mandy Kowalski), and her appearance in the series could have major implications for what's to come later on in the story.

Camie is actually a childhood friend of Luke Skywalker

Camie Marstrap comes from a family of hydroponic farmers on Tatooine, and she was actually a longtime friend of Luke Skywalker before he ever left the planet (via Wookieepedia). The other human in Tosche Station is her boyfriend, Laze Loneozner (Skyler Bible), another childhood friend of Luke's.

Camie actually appears in a deleted scene from "Star Wars: A New Hope," where she and Luke hang out in a cantina with the rest of their friends. In this iteration, she was played by actress Koo Stark, and that version of the character made appearances in various stories throughout the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

In "The Book of Boba Fett" Chapter 2, Camie and Laze are harassed in Tosche Station by a group of aliens known as the Nikto who take their food and drink and end up beating Laze with a stun baton while Camie screams for help. Boba Fett enters and easily dispatches the aliens, saving Camie and Laze and leaving them in the wreckage of the bar. If Camie returns in a future episode, maybe she'll remember how Fett saved her, and perhaps, her connection to the famous Luke Skywalker will prove to be more than just a fun Easter egg.