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This Johnny Depp Fantasy Flop Has Netflix Fans Glued To Their Screens

With each new month that rolls in, streaming services tend to release a slew of new content for their subscribers. Some movies and TV shows released are brand spanking new titles while others are old favorites. But as each new month arrives, it seems there's always a surprising film or series that subscribers eat up.

One such surprising film making its way into the hearts of Netflix subscribers is the Tim Burton reboot of the gothic soap "Dark Shadows." Equal parts campy comedy and fantasy horror, the 2012 film brought together Burton and Johnny Depp again in what would be their eighth collaboration (via IMDb). In addition, the film boasts an impressive cast with the likes of Helena Bonham Carter, Michelle Pfeiffer, and a young Chloë Grace Moretz. Despite the talent, "Dark Shadows" was ultimately a disappointment, having earned $79 million at the domestic box office with a $150 million budget (per The Numbers).

But apparently, Netflix subscribers are still able to find its quirks appealing enough to shoot the film to the streaming platform's Top 10 list.

Dark Shadows is currently on Netflix's Top 10 movies list

Netflix recently released its slate of January additions and among them is "Dark Shadows," which is doing so well on the platform that it ranks number five on the streamer's Top 10 movies list at the time of writing. Johnny Depp takes the lead as Barnabas Collins, a wealthy entrepreneur who is cursed to live as a vampire after inadvertently tangling with a witch. After being sealed in a coffin, he's awoken 200 years later and must not only contend with trading in the 1700s for the 1970s but also with bringing his family business back to the place of prominence it enjoyed during his mortal life. 

Like any other film with Tim Burton at the helm, "Dark Shadows" is certainly a good time visually, but it falls flat in terms of plot. Critics and audience members alike were not impressed by the film, which currently has rotten ratings for both the audience and critics scores on Rotten Tomatoes. Alonso Duralde of The Wrap seemed to be echoing the opinions of many when he wrote that despite the strong set design and art direction, the movie was an "all-star bore."

However, it seems Netflix users are loving the film despite its critics. Luckily for you, "Dark Shadows" is available to watch on Netflix now so you can decide for yourself how it stands.