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The Johnny Scene In Cobra Kai Season 4 That Makes Fans Love Him Even More

"Cobra Kai" is back with a vengeance. This time around, Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) have joined forces and have attempted to teach their respective students each others' ways in the hopes of taking down Cobra Kai once and for all. There are definitely some growing pains at first, but Daniel and Johnny begin to see more eye-to-eye over time. That doesn't mean that deep down, Johnny isn't Johnny. 

This is readily apparent when Daniel tries to teach Johnny the ways of Miyagi-Do in Season 4, Episode 2. Daniel shows Johnny how karate can be more defensive than offensive. He has him go through the motions he learned through Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) by having him perform standard household chores like painting a wall and waxing a car. However, when push comes to shove, it appears Johnny prefers his own style of karate training, as evidenced in a fan-favorite montage in Episode 5.

Fans loved watching Johnny destroy private property

"Cobra Kai" Season 4, Episode 5, "Match Point," sees Johnny and Daniel ready to go head to head. Johnny wants to actually finish a fight to see which one of them ultimately comes out on top to declare once and for all which of their styles proves most fortuitous. It's always a good time for "Karate Kid" fans to see these two square up against one another, but there's one sequence, in particular, that reminds fans why they love this series so much. 

Redditor u/BearsBeetsBttlstarrG wrote about the hilarious montage featured in "Match Point," stating, "First he kicks the mailbox during the montage ... then he pulls some random dude off his scooter then breaks the scooter. Then doing karate moves to the ocean! Could not stop laughing." Not only is it a hilarious moment, but it showcases what a great actor Zabka is in the first place, as u/senorroboto2k5 points out, "Add physical comedy to the list of things Zabka is great at ... I'm sure there are plenty of examples throughout the show but this one had me dying."

Of course, training montages are nothing new and were a staple of 1980s action flicks, which "Cobra Kai" always has fun skewering anything from the '80s. And while the show could've gone a more traditional route with this sequence, fans loved how it delved into absurdity, with u/lolmemberberries writing, "They took the montage of the hero's journey and turned it into Johnny Lawrence acting like a giant d***. It was hilarious and on-brand." "Cobra Kai" is filled with similar hilarious moments, which makes it easy to understand why fans of the original "Karate Kid" series and newcomers alike enjoy it so immensely.