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Emma Watson's Favorite Harry Potter Scene Of All Time Isn't What You Think

There are tons of amazing scenes throughout the "Harry Potter" films, but you might be surprised when you learn which one was Emma Watson's favorite.

Alongside several of her cast members, Watson, who played brilliant young witch Hermione Granger throughout all eight "Potter" movies, came back for the franchise's 20th anniversary special "Return to Hogwarts" to reveal plenty of secrets about the filming process. Apparently, when it came to the final two movies — "Deathly Hallows" parts one and two, which took Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), Hermione, and Ron (Rupert Grint) largely away from Hogwarts — one scene stuck out for Watson.

As Radcliffe, Watson, and Grint reunite on the original Gryffindor common room set, it's clear that the bond between the three of them remains strong to this day, which explains why Watson's favorite scene in "Deathly Hallows" is a simple, effective moment that relies on a strong relationship with her fellow performers. Here's the surprising scene that Emma Watson loved filming from the "Harry Potter" movies.

Emma Watson loved dancing with one of her co-stars

Throughout the fairly dark tone of "Deathly Hallows," one moment divides the main trio seemingly for good — specifically, when Ron, jealous and angry, leaves Harry and Hermione behind, frustrated by their lack of success in their hunt for Horcruxes (pieces of the Dark Lord Voldemort's shattered soul). Hermione, who loves Ron as more than a friend, is heartbroken, while Harry also grieves the apparent loss of his best friend.

Ron eventually returns, but Harry and Hermione comfort each other in the meantime, and in one scene, Harry tries to lift Hermione's spirits by dancing to a Nick Cave song... which ultimately works. Watson, for her part, had misgivings about the scene at first, telling Radcliffe, "The scene that I thought was going to be really awkward and wasn't sure about at all [...] was us doing our dance. Now, that's one of my favorite scenes from the whole of the series, because the level of familiarity that you and I had with each other at that point, I don't think I could have done a scene like that with another actor."

"It's also an interesting scene because it's, like, we were doing Harry Potter films, and on the last movie, the director came in and said, 'how about you do slow dancing to Nick Cave for five minutes?'" Radcliffe recalled, laughing. "Wait, what movie are we working on?" There's no denying that the scene in question is totally sweet, and it's made even sweeter by Watson and Radcliffe's fond recollections.