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Spider-Man's Screen Time In Avengers: Infinity War Revealed

Considering that basically everyone who ever put on tights in Marvel Cinematic Universe will appear in Avengers: Infinity War, there's only so much room in the spotlight. But we finally have a good idea how much of it will go to Spider-Man in the upcoming ensemble.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige told Fandango that we'll see just about as much of Spidey (Tom Holland) as we did in Captain America: Civil War.

"I think it might feel bigger a little bit because of Homecoming and because of what people know from it," Feige said. "But [his screen time is] about on par with [Civil War]."

That's probably disappointing to many, as Spider-Man really only appeared during the massive airport fight scene in Civil War, totaling about 15 minutes. However, it should be pointed out that it's pretty amazing we get to see Spidey in the MCU at all. Sony owns the movie rights to the character, and he can only interact with the Avengers due to a special arrangement with Disney. 

Feige did hint that other characters from Spider-Man: Homecoming could show up in Infinity War. "You might keep an eye out," he said. 

Of course, Tom Holland did recently confirm that one fan theory about Spider-Man's connection to Iron Man is actually true. It's kind of nuts.

We'll see Spider-Man in Homecoming, which arrives in theaters July 7, while Avengers: Infinity War is expected May 4, 2018.