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The John Hughes Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

John Hughes started his career in entertainment, writing jokes for stand-up comedians like Rodney Dangerfield, before beginning to write screenplays, direct, and produce films. Hughes wrote 53 films during his long career in the film industry. For many, the teen movies he wrote in the mid-1980s (starring members of the Brat Pack) are his most iconic. Films like "The Breakfast Club," "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," "Pretty in Pink," and "Some Kind of Wonderful" maintain their popularity today, in part, because some things about being a teenager haven't changed.

Not only were his films of the moment, but they have also proved to be timeless as well, embraced by younger generations while eliciting nostalgia for longtime viewers. Hughes' films are humorous, but they also strike a chord with audiences by tackling issues teens experience like depression, social and academic pressure, divorce, and uncertainty about their future. If you watched enough of Hughes' teen films, you would meet a character who you felt an affinity for, or often, multiple characters. His characters resonated with audiences then and now because they are archetypal, representing the signs of the zodiac.

These characters' clothing could change, their slang could shift to reflect a new period, but their essence, much like zodiac signs themselves, have remained essentially unchanged throughout western civilization since modern astrology developed out of the Hellenistic astrology of ancient Greece. When teenagers watched Hughes' films, they saw themselves, their friends, and family represented on the screen. The only failing of Hughes' films was in lacking representation of minorities, a problem emblematic of the era.

Aries: Andrew Clark (March 21—April 19)

Aries is a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars, the god or war. The ultimate hothead, Aries is impulsive, quick-tempered, and has a proclivity toward violence. Sometimes it seems like they have one default emotion — anger. We see this in Andrew Clark, played by Emilio Estevez, in "The Breakfast Club." Andrew tells the character, John Bender, "I will end you," and threatens to beat him up multiple times during Saturday detention. In fact, Andrew has Saturday detention because he got caught bullying, playing a violent prank on a classmate. Andrew is a varsity wrestler, hoping to get a college scholarship. This attribute shows the competitive nature Aries is known for.

But Aries isn't all aggression and anger. As a fire sign, we know them for being energetic, passionate, and motivated. We see this physical energy in the scene where Andrew is running around the second story of the library, after the group gets high on Bender's weed. Andrew, like most Aries, has a strong physical presence and enjoys being active. Aries is also brave, and we see this when Andrew stands up for Claire after Bender teases her. Aries is an ambitious sign, filled with the energy of spring and new beginnings, as its cardinal modality suggests. We see this energy in Andrew, your classic '80s teen "jock."

Taurus: Amanda Jones (April 20—May 20)

Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Taurus is jealous, stubborn, materialistic, sensual, practical, and conservative; we see these traits reflected in Amanda Jones, played by Lea Thompson in "Some Kind of Wonderful." When artistic Kieth asks Amanda out on a date, she agrees, because she is angry with and jealous of her boyfriend, Hardy, flirting with another girl. During family dinner, Kieth's sister, Laura, describes Amanda Jones as "sex." They depict Amanda as enjoying her physical relationship with Hardy despite his poor behavior, and her frustrations with his character defects.

But it isn't only the physical connection she appreciates about this relationship. Hardy has money, and Amanda's family doesn't. She likes nice things and wants to be surrounded by beauty and luxury, which is a common trait for Taurus. Despite their practical down-to-earth nature, they enjoy material things like nice clothes, cars and beautiful homes. This is because of their ruling planet Venus. Despite her desire to be part of the rich group at her high school, Amanda's stubborn nature rises to the surface when she refuses to cancel her date with Keith despite the social fallout she experiences. We can attribute this stubbornness to Taurus' fixed modality. It takes a lot to make a Taurus mad, but once they are, their angry outbursts are often surprising, as we see when Amanda slaps Hardy at his party later in the film.

Gemini: Ferris Bueller (May 21—June 21)

Gemini is a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury, who is a trickster god. Geminis are spontaneous social butterflies who are quick-witted and the life of the party. Like all air signs, Geminis are intelligent, curious, and talkative. Like Mercury, Geminis are mischievous and filled with a playful, sometimes chaotic energy. These attributes perfectly describe Ferris Bueller, played by Matthew Broderick in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." Ferris is popular, likable, and looking for fun, and like Gemini, he has a creative approach to telling lies. Ferris might lie his face off during the film, but it is obvious he isn't being vindictive. He's just trying to entertain himself, eking joy out of his senior year.

Although Gemini, represented by the twins, can be a conflicted and unpredictable sign, Ferris embodies the more upbeat, sunny twin. But, we see hints at his more cynical side during some of his sarcastic commentaries. Geminis are open-minded, creative, and natural communicators, just like Ferris. He has a way with words and could talk to anyone, as evidenced by his widespread popularity in his community. Known for being charismatic and charming, Geminis are used to getting what they want, as is true with Ferris (other than that car he wanted and never got). Geminis are also often very funny, as Ferris is. They simply have a busy brain and don't enjoy being alone.

Cancer: Allison Reynolds (June 22—July 22)

Cancer is a cardinal water sign represented by the Crab, known for being creative, artistic, sensitive, family-oriented, and empathetic. Allison Reynolds, played by Ally Sheedy in "The Breakfast Club," has all these traits. She is artistic, as we see in the drawing she makes during Saturday detention. She is miserable at home because her parents ignore her, highlighting how much she cares about home and family. We can see her deep empathy by her tearful response to Brian's confession about failing shop, his devastation, and his contemplations of suicide.

The Moon rules Cancer. As this celestial body affects the tides of the ocean on our planet, Cancers have shifting moods that are as swift as these tides. Allison is silent through the beginning of the film, seeming shy and frightened. At one point, she even retreats into the hood of her winter coat, like a turtle might retreat into its shell. While Allison's sensitivity might make her more emotional than those around her, it also makes her a superb listener and confidant, as we see when the group is talking about their problems in a circle during detention. Cancers are the archetypal mothers of the zodiac and are known for being nurturing and loving.

If you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline​ at​ 1-800-273-TALK (8255)​.

Leo: Claire Standish (July 23—August 22)

Leo is a fixed fire sign ruled by the Sun. Vain, materialistic, popular, and brave; Leo loves being the center of attention. Claire Standish, played by Molly Ringwald in "The Breakfast Club," is a classic depiction of the Lion. Even her red hair is emblematic of this fire sign. Claire is spending Saturday in detention for cutting class to go shopping, something a Leo would definitely do. They enjoy luxury and expensive things, as we would expect considering their regal symbol, the Lion. We see this in Claire's diamond earrings and even her sushi lunch (sushi was a trendy new thing in the '80s).

As a fixed sign, Leos can be stubborn and domineering, emphasizing their tendency to take the lead in social situations. Like all fire signs, Leos are passionate, as we see in the heated repartee between Claire and Bender. Leos have opinions, and they aren't afraid of sharing them, even hard truths, as Claire does when she says the group won't be friends in school on Monday, despite the bonding they did during detention. Ruled by the Sun, Leos have the energy and social connections to attain their lofty aspirations of fame and fortune.

Virgo: Brian Johnson (August 23—September 22)

Virgo is a mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury. Perfectionistic, responsible, and hard-working, Virgos are known for being analytical and critical of themselves and others. Brian Johnson, played by Anthony Michael Hall in "The Breakfast Club," is a perfect representation of Virgo. He is an excellent student, focused on his GPA and what college he will go to when he graduates from high school. In fact, this obsession leads to him attending Saturday detention. Brian enrolled in shop class thinking it would be an easy A, and was devastated when he failed an assignment, causing him to contemplate suicide, bringing a flare gun to school.

As earth signs, Virgos are responsible, methodical, and practical rule-followers who enjoy organization. The fact Brian was even willing to break a rule only highlights how emotionally unprepared he was for a failing grade. Virgos, like all humans, have feelings, but Virgos tend not to validate their feelings, preferring to intellectualize them rather than experience them. Ruled by Mercury, Virgos are talented with communication and the written word, making Brian the perfect candidate to write their group essay for Saturday detention.

If you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline​ at​ 1-800-273-TALK (8255)​.

Libra: Duckie (September 22—October 23)

Libra is a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Duckie, played by Jon Cryer in "Pretty in Pink," is definitely a Libra. Duckie is Andie's fashionable best friend, and he has a huge crush on Andie. Duckie is an indecisive, hopeless romantic who can't stand being alone, as we see when Andie comes home to multiple phone messages from Duckie left in a brief period. Like most Libras, Duckie dislikes conformity but loves harmony. Duckie will avoid conflict at all costs, but Libras sure know how to hold a grudge once there is conflict, as we see when Duckie stops talking to Andie after finding out she had a date with Blane.

Like other air signs, Libras can have difficulty focusing, as we see when Andie tries to help Duckie with his history paper. Libras, like all air signs, are intelligent, curious and communicative, loving lively discussions with friends. Ruled by Venus, Libras love L-O-V-E and enjoy surrounding themselves with beauty and entertainment. Duckie's lip-sync of an Otis Redding song in the record store is evidence of Libra's love of music and theater. Duckie's unique style is also indicative of his sign; Libras are known for taking fashion risks and having their own style.

Scorpio: John Bender (October 23—November 21)

Often associated with a bad-boy persona, John Bender, played by Judd Nelson in "The Breakfast Club," is a classic representation of Scorpio. A fixed water sign, Scorpio is moody, dramatic, intense, honest, and emotionally complex. We see Scorpio's characteristic brutal honesty in some of Bender's sarcastic and insightful rants, revealing just how well he can read people. Like the ocean, there is a lot going on under the surface of a Scorpio's too-cool facade, and this is true for Bender. His unhappy home life is a cloud hanging over his head, hinting at the darkness Scorpio is known for. Like all water signs, Scorpio is emotionally sensitive and insightful, but Scorpio's fixed modality gives them an edge other water signs lack.

Ruled by Mars in ancient astrology and Pluto in modern astrology, Scorpios are warriors-poets. Mars' associations with the god of war imbue Scorpio with the tenacity, bravery, and assertiveness of warriors, while Pluto brings the emotional depth and darkness associated with tortured artists — and the emotional repression of our shadow content. We often associate Scorpio with death, sex, and our more self-destructive tendencies, which we certainly see in John Bender's personality. He is combative, makes crude comments about sex to Claire, and practically begs for more detention by inciting arguments with their principal. But Scorpio has a softer side, hinted at in quieter moments Bender spends with Claire. Scorpios can be loving partners and are known for their passion, even though the only thing they are afraid of is vulnerability. This fear can cause problems in Scorpios' intimate relationships because they can be controlling and jealous.

Sagittarius: Keith Nelson (November 22—December 21)

A mutable fire sign symbolized by the Archer, Sagittarius is generous, artistic, and idealistic. Filled with solar energy like all fire signs, Archers are known as the travelers of the zodiac. Open-minded and curious, Sagittarius makes friends everywhere they go, as Keith Nelson, played by Eric Stoltz, does in "Some Kind of Wonderful." We see Sagittarius' ability to connect with various social groups when Keith strikes up a friendship with Duncan in detention. Like other fire signs, Sagittarius is passionate and impulsive, making split-second decisions and opinions on emotions, as Keith does when Amanda Jones catches his eye at school one day, sparking his romantic interest. Optimistic, like the average Sagittarius, Keith asks Amanda Jones out even though she is "out of his league," as his sister Laura states as a matter of fact.

Sometimes Sagittarius finds it difficult to distinguish between friendship and love, much how Keith does with his best friend Watts, only realizing at the end of the film that Watts has feelings for him and that Keith reciprocates these feelings. As a mutable fire sign, we know Sagittarius starts projects with passion but sometimes struggles to maintain the focus necessary to follow through on these projects. Likewise, managing finances can be a struggle for Sagittarius as they are generous and prone to overspending, as we see when Keith blows his college savings on diamond earrings.

Capricorn: Ed Rooney (December 22—January 19)

Principal Ed Rooney, played by Jeffrey Jones in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," is a classic Capricorn. As a cardinal earth sign, Capricorns love rules, are responsible and disciplined, resenting those who shirk their responsibilities or break the rules, encapsulating Mr. Rooney's issue with Ferris Bueller and his proclivity for cutting class. Being a school principal is a good job fit for a Capricorn,\ because they can manage a large staff, and they are serious and traditional by nature. Co—Star even wrote that "elementary school hall monitor" was a likely career in their humorous descriptions of Capricorn's traits.

Capricorns are driven by duty and demand respect, so obviously a student as chaotic and mischievous as Ferris would get under Mr. Rooney's skin, aggravating his intrinsic need for order and conformity. Capricorns are often called workaholics, and we can see how much Mr. Rooney's position as principal is a part of his identity, explaining why he takes Ferris' truancy personally. As an earth element, Capricorns are practical but also a little stiff and set in their ways. It makes sense a mutable air sign's devil-make-hair attitude would push Rooney's buttons, making him go a little nuts while trying to catch Ferris in his lies.

Aquarius: Andie Walsh (January 20–February 18)

Andie Walsh, played by Molly Ringwald in "Pretty in Pink," is an Aquarius. As a fixed air sign, Aquarians march to the beat of their own drum. Individualistic Andie has her own style; Aquarians are known for their creative fashion choices. Aquarius values equality, as we see when Andie stands up to her principal about how the rich students treat the poor students. Aquarians are often portrayed as outcasts, and this describes how Andie sees herself. She struggles with bullying at school, but true to her fixed modality; she will not change who she is to suit others.

Like all air signs, Aquarians are smart, demonstrated by Andie's good grades and goal of getting a scholarship for college. Andie is more comfortable in the realm of ideas, like other air signs, becoming overwhelmed by her emotions, as we see when she tries to tell Blane that she doesn't want him to take her home because she doesn't want him to see where she lives. Despite having trouble expressing their emotions, Aquarians are honest and hate broken promises, as we see when Andie gets angry when Blane says he can no longer take her to prom.

Aquarius is a sign ruled by Saturn in ancient astrology and Uranus in modern astrology. Uranus is associated with liberation, rebellion, and anarchy, giving Aquarius its reputation as an outcast and revolutionary. We can see this in Andie. She stands up for herself, embracing her authentic self, regardless of the social ramifications. It is fascinating how Aquarius' ancient ruler is Saturn (a planet associated with restrictions and rules), when Aquarius is all about progress and rebellion — but you need something to fight against if you want to start a rebellion, and Saturn provides this counterpoint for Aquarius.

Pisces: Cameron Frye (February 19—March 20)

As a mutable water sign, Pisces are gentle and compassionate people who might be addicted to misery. They can have powerful depressive episodes as Cameron Frye, played by Alan Ruck, does in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." These emotionally sensitive Fish are also known for avoiding unpleasant realities, as Cameron does when he dissociates after discovering the miles the parking attendants added to the odometer of his father's prized Ferrari. Despite wanting to avoid reality, Pisces is known for accepting responsibility for others, often taking on the role of a selfless martyr, as we see when Cameron accepts the responsibility for the destroyed Ferrari.

Ruled by Jupiter in ancient astrology and Neptune in modern astrology, Pisces are creative people who must find an artistic outlet to express their complex inner life. Cameron's talent for accents and sense of humor is obvious when Ferris enlists Cameron's help to get Sloane excused from class. Cameron's love of music, something common to Pisces, is hinted at when we see him lying in bed listening to atmospheric music in the morning when Ferris calls, asking Cameron to spend the day together. Pisces are deeply intuitive and can sense when something is wrong, as we see in Cameron's astute observations about his parents' loveless marriage.