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Is Deathloop Set In The Same Universe As Dishonored?

"Deathloop" is Arkane Studios' latest action-adventure game that takes place in a time loop. Colt, who doesn't remember why he's even on Blackreef Island, has to assassinate eight targets called the Visionaries to escape the loop. However, Visionary Julianna isn't going to make it easy for him. She diligently tracks Colt down at some point during each day to try and kill him before he makes progress. Then, it's time to do it all over again.

Arkane fans couldn't help but compare "Deathloop" with the studio's other popular series, "Dishonored." The developer said it was taking a break from "Dishonored" after "Dishonored 2," which released back in 2016. However, fans found some damning enough evidence to believe that "Deathloop" might be the "Dishonored" spin-off they've been waiting for.

Redditor aaqd investigated the connection between "Deathloop" and "Dishonored" with a fully outlined post. With the help of fellow fans, they were even able to transcribe an allegedly leaked presentation from Arkane Studios. This supposed Arkane presentation states (via Redditor Futa-Snake) that the "Deathloop" setting Blackreef Island is in the same world as Tyvia, an island referenced in "Dishonored" lore.

But that's just one reference. Do their theories add up to a concrete "yes or no" on whether or not "Deathloop" takes place in the same universe?" Here's what we know so far. 

More on the connection between Deathloop and Dishonored

It's unclear if "Deathloop" really takes place in the same universe as "Dishonored," but it wouldn't be surprising if it did. Arkane included a bunch of easter eggs in "Deathloop," from settings to superpowers, connected to its fan-favorite franchise. In an interview with IGN, "Deathloop" Game Director Dinga Bakaba even directly referenced the "Dishonored" abilities that could be seen in "Deathloop." Though, of course, "Dishonored" fans would probably recognize those abilities right away by just playing the game.

Arkane hasn't officially confirmed the connection between "Deathloop" and "Dishonored" besides through their gameplay mechanics. However, aaqd and other Redditors still boldly claim, "It does take place in the Dishonored universe, it's a Dishonored spin-off. The guns at the end should have given it away." "Deathloop" also gave fans plenty to talk about with its complex ending, which curious onlookers might find interesting (spoilers beware).

"Deathloop" is only available on PC and PlayStation 5, but that could change considering it's on a two-year timed exclusive. Many critics applauded its time loop implementation and multiplayer mode, though the story wasn't for everyone. Thankfully, if you want to judge for yourself, it doesn't take that long to beat compared to traditional western and Japanese roleplaying games.