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The New Gold Rush Crew Members Fans Want More Of

It requires a ton of grit and sacrifice to make it big on Discovery's "Gold Rush." Each season follows multiple teams as they head out into the great unknown to hunt for buried treasure. Some units are more profitable than others, but in the interim, there's plenty of tension and panic to keep the diggers occupied. 

One of the longest-standing miners to make their mark on the show is Rick Ness. Despite all of the spinoffs, Ness has been part of the main series since its second season. For a while, he worked alongside Parker Schnabel, but then at the end of Season 8, he ventured out on his own to lead a unique brigade. By Season 9, he was a mine boss, but that doesn't mean adjustments haven't been necessary for the past few seasons. 

For Season 12, he's brought on two new additions to the crew — Freddy Dodge and Juan Ibarra. If you check out fans' reactions on social media, "Gold Rush" has officially become the "Freddy and Juan Show," with a ton of people wanting to see more of the entertaining duo.

Freddy and Juan are the new Gold Rush fan-favorites

Freddy Dodge and Juan Ibarra are no strangers to fans of "Gold Rush." They've appeared on the series before, and they've even led the charge on their own spinoff series, "Freddy Dodge's Mine Rescue." But for Season 12 of the mainstay series, they're back in the dirt, and fans love how they interact with one another and the rest of the team. 

Looking at social media, the admiration for the "Gold Rush" duo comes down to just how likable they are. In one Reddit thread, u/windisfun writes, "The way [Freddy and Juan] troubleshoot and solve problems is a gift. Their attitude is always 'what can we do for you,' instead of trying to make mine owners look like they don't know anything. So humble, yet brilliant." Underneath that post, u/Simonthebullettfreak ups the ante even more: "Of all the reality shows I watch, Freddy and Juan are my favorite characters by far."

Of course, their chemistry should come as no surprise to anyone who watched "Freddy Dodge's Mine Rescue," which was an exclusive series to Discovery+ subscribers. It's good news because there's more footage of Dodge and Ibarra out there in case you need a fix between new "Gold Rush" Season 12 episodes.