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The World's Finest Assassin Season 2 - Will It Ever Happen?

Season 1 of "The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat" delivered its fair share of thrilling moments topped off with one heck of a cliffhanger. Now, in the aftermath of this somewhat short 12-episode run, fans are wondering when they'll get to see more of the exciting fantasy-isekai anime based on the light novel by Rui Tsukiyo and Reia (via Fandom). Unfortunately, that second season may not happen as soon as they hope.

While "The World's Finest Assassin" anime (produced by studio Silver Link) has yet to adapt the full story, there have been no official announcements made regarding a continuation of the series. Even so, there is a fair chance that a second season is in the works, as Season 1's final episode suggests that there is more to come. With that in mind, it is a good idea to look at what we know about the series, as well as what we can expect from the probable Season 2. Here is what we know so far about the release date, characters, and plot of "The World's Finest Assassin" Season 2.

When could we see The World's Finest Assassin Season 2?

As we previously mentioned, there have been no official announcements regarding a second season of "The World's Finest Assassin." However, it is likely that Season 2 will roll around sometime, meaning that the announcement and release schedule of Season 1 is our best evidence in estimating when Season 2 will come out.

According to Anime News Network, Season 1 of "The World's Finest Assassin" was announced in February 2021, with an expected release date in July. Unfortunately, as reported by a later article from ANN, the debut of the series was pushed back due to "various circumstances." In the end, the series was released in October 2021. Using this as a model, we can expect the earliest news regarding Season 2 to break sometime in February 2022, and for the season to debut either in the summer or fall of that same year, if it is indeed confirmed.

In addition to this, in October, Crunchyroll announced that it would debut an English dub of "The World's Finest Assassin" in November 2021. At the moment, only five episodes of the dub have been released. Assuming the dub for Season 2 follows a similar schedule, fans can expect it to come out a month or two after the debut of the original Japanese version.

Which characters will be in The World's Finest Assassin Season 2?

"The World's Finest Assassin" follows the adventures of Lugh Tuatha Dé, an ex-assassin from the "normal" world who was reincarnated by a Goddess to assassinate the hero of a new fantasy world. Reincarnated into the affluent assassin family of Tuatha Dé, Lugh continues his bloody work, albeit with a different perspective from the cold and heartless self of his past life. Along the way he acquires several companions, including his apprentice Tarte, his cosmetics business associate Maha, and his magic mentor (and later love interest), Dia.

However, the most compelling character when it comes to Season 2 is the newly announced Legendary Hero — the same person whom the Goddess tasked Lugh with killing upon reincarnation. In the final moments of Episode 12, the Hero was revealed to be a new character named Epona Rhiannon. Much is still unknown about this fair-haired and fair-skinned young noble, but viewers are led to believe that he is not as heroic as his title suggests, since the Goddess claims he will eventually use his powers to destroy the world.

What is the potential plot of The World's Finest Assassin Season 2?

Obviously, with the introduction of the Hero, Season 2 of "The World's Finest Assassin" is going to focus heavily on Epona and his relationship with Lugh. According to the synopsis of the light novel's second volume available on "The World's Finest Assassin" Wiki, Season 2 will see Lugh and his companions enrolling in an academy located in Epona's homeland of Alvan. In their efforts to learn more about him, Lugh strikes up a potentially positive relationship with his target-to-be, and may even end up saving his life.

This draws into question Lugh's true goals as the anime progresses. While up until now Lugh has mostly been set on killing the Hero, the Goddess did mention that there is a small chance that he could stop the Hero from destroying the world without killing them. If Lugh ends up becoming friends with Epona, then that may be his next goal. After all, he is set on living this life on his own terms, instead of being the tool of others.

We'll know what he intends for certain, however, when Season 2 of "The World's Finest Assassin" debuts.