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Everything We Know About Halo Infinite's Winter Contingency Event

"Halo Infinite" gets into the holiday spirit with the Winter Contingency celebration in its free-to-play multiplayer mode. This latest event features ten exclusive holiday-themed rewards that players can claim once per day from Dec. 21 until Dec. 30. Players have until Jan. 4 to catch up on missed rewards, even though new daily rewards technically stop on the 30th.

As seen on Halo Waypoint, unlockable rewards include cosmetics like armors, accessories, gun skins, and banners. The "Peppermint Laughter" armor and weapons, as seen in the event's promotional art, are the stars of the show with their green, red, and white colorways that can't help but remind players.  of striped candies and pine needles. New shoulder pieces and emblems also appear as rewards in this latest event pass. If you want to get a closer look, the Winter Contingency trailer features footage of these stylish winter accessories equipped and in action. 

It's unclear what order these items will appear in during the event. Thankfully, it won't be difficult to unlock them either way, considering it only takes a match to unlock each tier. Winter Contingency looks like a step in the right direction, especially after the first Fracture: Tenrai event went off the rails earlier this year.

How 343 Industries is doing better with Winter Contingency

"Halo Infinite" received enough criticisms on its progression system that developers were forced to address its grind problem and the faults with its first event pass. Players raised a number of complaints, ranging from the time between mandatory event challenges for rewards and how convenient it was to earn said rewards. Fracture: Tenrai required players to complete weekly event challenges across the span of a few months to earn rewards instead of naturally unlocking them through matches. 

343 Industries promised to do better, which the Winter Contingency seems to reflect in its new approach to earning rewards. This latest event unlocks one tier in the event pass each day the player jumps into a game. So, if someone wanted to unlock the rewards in as little time as possible, they could just log in to play one match per day across a 10-day period and claim all the rewards by day 10. There are only 10 rewards, but players have extra days to catch up if they miss a day for whatever reason.

Overall, 343 Industries seems to be actively listening to the feedback from its fanbase and spoiling them where they can. As another plus, the developer dropped the "Halo Infinite" co-op campaign early, ahead of its previously announced 2022 release date. 343 has yet to add Forge mode, though, which will probably arrive during Season 3 as promised.