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Power Rangers Reboot Gets An Honest Trailer

Lionsgate, the studio that could really use a new franchise since Divergent crashed and burned onto TV, gifted the world with a Power Rangers reboot earlier this year, and now, the movie has been given the Honest Trailer treatment. 

"If you loved The Breakfast Club but wished that they all turned into ninjas at the end, then this is the movie for you, as these teenagers in detention spend 90 minutes bonding with each other followed by a generic 30 minute episode of the Power Rangers TV show," the trailer begins, before knocking the film for focusing heavily on the teen's family issues. "Forget everything you know about Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Billy, and Trini, except their names," it continues, saying that the group now has "so much attitude you'll swear adults just pulled random edgy traits out of a hat."

The trailer then digs into Bryan Cranston's Zordon, an exposition delivering machine delivered thanks to half a day in a VO booth, and Elizabeth Banks' Rita Repulsa, who starts to seem oddly like a rip-off of Austin Powers' Goldmember. It also knocks the movie for its blatant Krispy Kreme product placement before going in on the film's ending, which features the whole town (including the awfully named White Power Ranger) cheering over Rita Repulsa's defeat, despite the fact that their entire city has been destroyed.

"So gear up for a movie that's more than a remake of a kid's show," the trailer concludes. "Because buried under its many cheesy moments, cheesy looking Zords, and cheesy message about how the real Power Ranger was inside you all along lies a really good high school drama that's worth exploring in the sequel." 

Power Rangers may deserve some of the flack, but we're still looking forward to learning more about the future of the franchise. If you're a fan of the film, see some of the Easter eggs you may have missed.