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When Will The King's Man Be Available To Watch At Home?

The prequel film "The King's Man" has been a long time coming. The film was originally slated for release in November 2019, but thanks to the Disney-Fox merger, several other big name titles with similar premiere dates, and of course, the Covid-19 pandemic, "The King's Man" was pushed to a late 2021 release (via CBR). Almost two years later, "Kingsman" fans will finally be able to see the new film on December 22.

"The King's Man" reveals the origins of the very first independent spy agency, Kingsman. Set during World War I, the film stars Ralph Fiennes as Lord Oxford with Harris Dickinson playing Oxford's son Conrad, along with Gemma Arterton, Matthew Goode, Tom Hollander, and Rhys Ifans. The father-son duo are tasked with stopping a global catastrophe, plotted by some of the world's most evil masterminds.

If you're not quite ready to head to the theaters, you may be wondering when "The King's Man" will be available to stream from the comfort of your own home. Don't worry — we've got you covered.

The King's Man won't be available to stream for at least another 45 days

Luckily, "Kingsman" fans don't have too much longer to wait before "The King's Man" is released in theaters. However, if you were hoping to catch the film at home, it looks like you may have a bit longer to wait. As of now, there is no confirmed date when "The King's Man" will be available to stream at home. But judging by the film studio's other releases, we can make a few guesses.

We know that "The King's Man" is produced by 20th Century Studios, which is now owned by Walt Disney (per the BBC). According to Variety, we also know that Disney and WarnerMedia have agreed to share access to select titles on either Hulu or Disney+. Lastly, we know that Disney has a minimum 45-day exclusive theatrical release window for the rest of its 2021 films, including "The King's Man."

So given this information, we can only speculate and hope that "The King's Man" is one of the few titles part of Disney's streaming deal and will be released to stream 45 days after its theatrical premiere. With a release date of December 22, that would place the streaming premiere on February 5, 2022. If you can't wait until then, you can head to the theaters to catch all of the action-packed drama.