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The 1883 Actor Who Has Never Seen A Single Episode Of Yellowstone

"Yellowstone" has established itself as one of the Paramount Network's biggest hits since it debuted in 2018. The neo-Western series, which sees the great Kevin Costner play a Montanian rancher as he and his family try to live the American Dream, is currently in its fourth season and going strong. Furthermore, the recent debut of the prequel series, "1883," suggests that the network has long-term plans for the "Yellowstone" franchise.

"1883" chronicles the aforementioned family's ancestors as they leave Texas to seek a better life in Montana. The show is a love letter to classic Westerns that features an all-star cast of genre heavyweights and other famous faces, including Billy Bob Thornton, LaMonica Garrett, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Sam Elliot.

Most actors would love to be part of one of the hottest small-screen franchises in TV town based on its reputation alone. That being said, there is one "1883" actor who didn't have an affinity for "Yellowstone" heading into the prequel saga — mainly because he hadn't seen the show in the first place.

This veteran Western actor hasn't seen Yellowstone

Sam Elliot is a character actor known for appearing in Westerns of all stripes. His stetson-clad head, laconic drawl, and distinguished facial hair all make him seem like a denizen of the American frontier, which no doubt helped him get cast in legendary Westerns such as "Tombstone," "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," and "The Quick and the Dead." You'd think that this would make him one of the most die-hard viewers of "Yellowstone." Think again.

In a recent interview with DC Film Girl on YouTube, the actor was asked if he was a fan of "Yellowstone." He replied with a blunt "No" before the host even finished the question. After being informed that "Yellowstone" is one of the best shows on television at the moment, Elliot revealed that he "hear[s] that a lot" while reaffirming to the interviewer that he hasn't seen a single episode.

Elliot went on to say, "If there were no 'Yellowstone,' '1883' would be happy to stand on its own," insinuating that he doesn't need to have seen the franchise's main series in order to appreciate the spin-off.