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The Yellowstone Character Fans Think Will Die In The Season 4 Finale

The following article contains spoilers for "Yellowstone" Season 4, Episode 8

One aspect that makes "Yellowstone" so addicting to watch is the fact you never know who's going to live and who's going to die. The Dutton family has made its fair share of enemies over the years, and Season 3 ended with a coordinated attack on several members' lives. John (Kevin Costner), Kayce (Luke Grimes), and Beth (Kelly Reilly) all suffered attacks geared toward them. Luckily, they all managed to survive to make it to the fourth season, but that doesn't mean the Dutton clan is out of the woods just yet. 

Death seems to lurk around every corner in Montana, and you never know what surprises lay in store for the central family. And seeing how the Season 3 finale had a trio of attempted murders, it would make sense for the upcoming Season 4 finale to actually off one of the beloved characters. And fans seem to think that they've figured out who's not long for this world on the show.

Fans think Monica is the next to die

At first glance, it would appear that Monica (Kelsey Asbille) would stick around for a while on "Yellowstone." After all, she just revealed to her beau, Kayce, that she's pregnant. It would be awfully dark for her to bite the dust at this point, but the show has proven time and time again that it's not afraid to venture into territory other shows wouldn't dare tread. 

A lot of Redditors seem to believe that Monica mentioning her pregnancy is a death knell for the character. Redditor u/adiman93 posited some theories for how it could all go down: "With the news that Monica is pregnant with her second child, I have a feeling that Monica will die in the season finale. Maybe Garrett Randall or Market Equities order a hit on Kayce however Kayce was not at home, the hitmen kill Monica instead. Monica dies saving Tate."

Other fans have different ideas on how Monica could potentially die on the series. Redditor u/knnsg writes, "I feel like Monica's gonna get attacked or killed by the wolf. A few episodes ago the wolf showed up and watched Kayce and Monica in the woods and Monica told Kayce not to kill it." It would certainly be a way to bring that focal point full circle, or the writers could have different plans entirely in mind. Keep watching "Yellowstone" every Sunday night on the Paramount Network to see what ends up happening to the whole Dutton crew.