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Matt Reeves' The Batman Was Influenced By A Surprising Rock Star

Bruce Wayne has had many different interpretations throughout his live-action appearances. Tim Burton weaved a gothic world in Michael Keaton's "Batman" film. Many still hold "The Dark Knight" to a high standard, with Christian Bale's gritty take on the character (via Indie Wire). And once again, Bruce Wayne seems to be going through another change. Matt Reeves cast Robert Pattinson in his film "The Batman," which is set to premiere in March 2022 if all goes according to plan.

Like the Christopher Nolan films, "The Batman" is a dark interpretation, though this film will be loosely based on the noir comic, "The Long Halloween" (per Slash Film). Reeves has been upfront about his noir inspirations, which is evident upon watching "The Batman" first trailer. Instead of the polished playboy that Bale played in "The Dark Knight," Pattinson portrays a young isolated version of Bruce. He doesn't have a Lamborghini but a tuned-up muscle car. And there is a real-life inspiration behind Bruce's new look.

Bruce was inspired by Kurt Cobain

"The Batman's" trailer indicates everything viewers need to know about the film. There is a specific vibe that Matt Reeves was going for, which was heightened by the song that plays in the background. "When I write, I listen to music, and as I was writing the first act, I put on Nirvana's 'Something In The Way,'" Reeves told Empire Magazine. But it wasn't just the song. Reeves stated that this portrayal of Bruce is inspired by a tragic figure in grunge — Kurt Cobain. Cobain dealt with dark themes in his own life while also serving as the lead singer of the tragically short-lived band Nirvana.

"The Batman" will set itself apart from previous Caped Crusader films. Bruce will deal with the loss of his parents by becoming reclusive. The director attributed this inspiration to the movie "Gus Van Sant's Last Days," which was a fictionalized version of the rock star. "The Batman" will depict Bruce not as a flashy billionaire but someone dealing with trauma by hiding away in his mansion.

Bruce goes out every night and encounters violence as a way to deal with his pain. This version is slightly different from earlier iterations of the character. But as Reeves states, Robert Pattinson is the man for the job. "In that movie, you could really feel his vulnerability and desperation, but you could also feel his power," Reeves said in reference to the lead actor. Pattison has been a successful indie film actor for many years, and he is sure to make the character memorable.