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The Big Problem Fans Have With Kaer Morhen In The Witcher Season 2

Kaer Morhen is an important location for "The Witcher" in the games as well as the books. Apart from being the stronghold where Witchers go to rest, it also contains deep scars. Kaer Morhen is the site of one of the most devastating affronts to Witchers. Detailed in Netflix's film "The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf," Kaer Morhen was overtaken by a group of prejudiced attackers.

According to "Witcher" lore, Witchers were mutated in order to battle monsters after the Conjunction of the Spheres (via Game Rant). Because of their mutations, they are often hated, which culminated in the attack on Kaer Morhen. The stronghold for Witchers was decimated and their mutagens destroyed. After the sacking, they no longer had the ability to make new Witchers.

This changed when Vesemir (Kim Bodnia) discovered that Ciri (Freya Allan) has elder blood, a main ingredient in the mutagens — but the scars of Kaer Morhen remained. Since it's such a sacred location for fans of the series, one aspect of "The Witcher" Season 2 was much more difficult to accept.

Kaer Morhen isn't a place for house parties

With no more Witchers to be made, Kaer Morhen often stands desolate and abandoned. The stronghold becomes a monument to what was, featuring a giant tree adorned with the medallions of fallen brothers. This is what made it so disconcerting when a group of Witchers brought back women to the secret hideaway for a party. 

Some fans on Reddit had issues with the amount of Witchers they saw. "It's a ruin. Few people know where it's located and even they might miss it because it's so secluded. At current times, it is only used as a winter quarter for witchers," posted user u/rumsbumsrums. "In the book [there] were 5." Yet, there are definitely more than five Witchers in this scene. 

That isn't the only problem. Many took issue with Vesemir allowing this to happen. "Kaer Morhen was supposed to be more desolate and lonely upon Ciri's arrival. what is this house party BS," a fan named u/andreigarfield wrote. Reddit user u/GerryofSanDiego agreed, "In what world would [Vesemir] allow a bunch of girls in besides someone like Ciri? Isn't [Kaer] Morhen supposed to be remote and inaccessible on purpose?"

This depiction is not like the source material. The party was gratuitous, adding a bit of flavor when in the books, there is no flavor to be had. This should be a place of mourning, not celebration.