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The Star Wars Trilogy Easter Egg You Didn't Notice In Spider-Man: No Way Home

"Star Wars" fans have learned by this time to always be on the lookout for Easter eggs originating from a galaxy far, far away. Droids and Leia-buns have a way of popping up all over the place, and it's rewarding to keep your eyes peeled so you can spot them all. But as it turns out, "Spider-Man: No Way Home" director Jon Watts has been quietly elevating the "Star Wars" Easter egg game over the course of his last three Spidey films – and if that weren't nerdy enough, he's done it with LEGO.

As spotted by IGN, a certain iconic piece of Imperial hardware can be spotted in the new "Spider-Man: No Way Home." It's built out of LEGO, and its half-finished construction clearly parallels its appearance in another famous closing installment of a trilogy: "Return of the Jedi." And that's only one piece of an elaborate "Star Wars" homage that spans across all three of Watts's Spidey adventures.

The LEGO Death Star made its first appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming

Warning: Spoilers for "Spider-Man: No Way Home." 

We're talking, of course, about the Death Star, which actually appears in LEGO form in both "Spider-Man: Homecoming" and "Spider-Man: No Way Home." In the earlier film, the first in this trilogy of Spider-Man movies, its completed appearance in Peter's room resembles that of the fully operational Death Star in the first "Star Wars" movie, at least before Ned drops it in the surprise of learning his friend Peter is actually Spider-Man.

Then, in the second movie, "Spider-Man: Far From Home," there's no Death Star, LEGO or otherwise. An oversight? Not likely, since as any "Star Wars" fan knows, there's no Death Star in the second "Star Wars" movie, "The Empire Strikes Back."

Now, to keep the Death Star motif consistent, the LEGO Death Star returns in "Spider-Man: No Way Home," half-finished just like in "Return of the Jedi," and eventually destroyed like its "Star Wars" counterpart too. So effectively, the story of the Death Star in the "Star Wars" trilogy has been retold in LEGO form across all three Tom Holland "Spider-Man" movies without your even noticing. Impressive, no?