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Kids Vs. Aliens - What We Know So Far

There has been absolutely no shortage of alien invasion movies over the years, with many of them crafting a disturbingly realistic portrait of how the world would respond if attacked by powerful and malicious extraterrestrials. But while many movies like 2021's "The Tomorrow War" or 1996's "Independence Day" immediately drive the stakes up to an all-consuming conflict between the entirety of humanity and an alien species, what if the aliens were simply pitted against a small group of angsty teenagers at a house party?

According to Deadline, the teams behind cult classic movies like "V/H/S/94" and "Hobo with a Shotgun" are uniting to answer that question by creating an all-new horror movie titled "Kids vs. Aliens" that gives their take on terrors from outer space. Jason Eisener, currently best known for his work on the wrestling documentary series "Dark Side of the Ring," is set to direct the project. Here's everything we know about it so far. 

What is the release date of Kids vs. Aliens?

There is currently no set release date or release window for "Kids vs. Aliens." However, Deadline confirmed that principal photography has already finished on the movie, meaning that the film is now in the post-production stage. This information bodes well for interested movie-watchers, as the film could release as early as the first half of 2022 if post-production goes smoothly.

While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is also a consideration, as it has resulted in delays in the release timing of numerous movies and TV shows, the fact that the actual filming portion of the movie has been completed and post-production is already underway suggests that "Kids vs. Aliens" may not be affected by such delays once a release date is confirmed. It is currently unknown whether the film will have a theatrical release or if it will debut on a streaming service or television network.

Who is in the cast of Kids vs. Aliens?

Much of the cast of the movie is also already built-out and confirmed. According to Deadline, the film will star Dominic Mariche, who appeared as Seth Romero on Season 2 of Nickelodeon's 2019 reboot of the classic family-horror anthology series "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" Calem MacDonald, who played the young version of Cody Ray Thompson's Dave Katz on the second season of "The Umbrella Academy," will also star in the movie.

In addition to the two established actors, the film's cast will feature a sizable number of newcomers. The list includes Isaiah Fortune, Asher Grayson, Phoebe Rex, Ben Tector, and Emma Vickers. It is currently unknown which characters each of these cast members will be portraying in the movie, though many of them presumably fall under the "kids" portion of the "Kids vs. Aliens" title.

Since the film reunites a lot of the behind-the-scenes talent from the "V/H/S" franchise and "Hobo with a Shotgun," it is also a possibility that actors from those films could return to play a role in this new movie, though nothing on that front has been confirmed.

What is the plot of Kids vs. Aliens?

As the title of the movie implies, "Kids vs. Aliens" will focus on a group of children fighting off a hostile extraterrestrial threat. According to Deadline, the story will center around the brother-sister duo of Gary and Samantha, who must put aside their differences and team up to survive after aliens launch a surprise attack on their teen house party. 

The film might potentially be based off of the storyline in "V/H/S/2" titled "Slumber Party Alien Abduction," where a group of kids having a sleepover are attacked by aliens. Judging by its premise and genre, it seems that the project may also aim to strike a similar tone to other recent properties in the sci-fi horror space like "Stranger Things" and "It: Chapter One," both of which featured a group of kids fighting against inexplicable monsters.

"Bringing alien terrors to life is a literal dream come true," Jason Eisener commented to Deadline. "'Kids vs Aliens' is inspired by my childhood nightmares and obsessions. Hopefully my parents will forgive me for using their house as our main location."