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What Kind Of Car Does John Wick Drive?

Besides the well-known "The Matrix" franchise that sees Keanu Reeves head to toe in black and showing bad guys he knows kung fu, there is, of course, another iconic character he's brought to life that has become just as popular, following the three films he's shot to pieces since 2014. "John Wick" is notably one of the stoic action star's greatest works, in which Reeves plays a former hitman wronged by the son of a gangster, Iosef Tarasov (Alfie Allen), who kills his dog and steals his car. From here, the titular John Wick embarks on a ballistic journey to bring vengeance to those that have wronged him, shooting at anyone who dares to shoot back.

Three films deep, and the franchise has already raked in an incredible $573 million (via The Numbers) and built up a huge fan base. This is an impressive feat, especially given that this all begins with someone eyeing up a loner's top-tier car. Taking some severe damage in the first and second chapters of the series, Wick's vehicle extends his coolness as much as his suit and carefully placed pencils. But what's particularly interesting about his method of transportation is that the car it's described as being is different from what it actually is.

John Wick's ride isn't as it seems

In the introduction to the man known by many as Baba Yaga, John Wick drives his troubles away in his prized car that he takes around the track at the start of the film. After venting his frustrations, he stops at a gas station where a chance encounter sets him on a path of bullets and blood. Alfie Allen's pompous son of a mob boss sparks up a conversation with the owner of this gorgeous vehicle before asking for a price. "Nice ride," Tarasov says to Wick. "Mustang, Boss 429. She a '70?" asks the stranger. Wick bluntly replies with a minor correction saying "'69." The interesting thing about this is that the hitman himself is off, and not by the year, but by the entire model that Iosev has suggested.

According to Muscle Car UK, Mr. Wick is not driving a Ford Mustang Boss 429, but actually a 1969 Mach 1 Ford Mustang. While they look very similar, there are a few important differences, one being that the Mach 1 is an automatic, which can be seen as Wick drives the car in the films. Also, Mach 1s are much easier to get than Boss 429s, as more have been produced, making it likely a logistics and funding decision to use the Mach 1 in the film. Overall, it seems like a small detail and a strange choice to not just say that it's a Mach 1, but for some reason this is not highlighted in "John Wick" or the sequels that follow. Instead, certain features from the actusl model are applied to the substitute. Either way, it's a super smooth ride for one of cinema's most lethal heroes, and Iosev really should've just kept on driving.