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The Spider-Man: No Way Home Symbiote Easter Egg You Definitely Missed

Spoilers ahead for "Spider-Man: No Way Home"

The mid-credits scene of "Spider-Man: No Way Home" reveals why the movie never quite got around to giving you the full Sinister Six. Tom Hardy's Venom has been busy getting wasted in a small bar far away from the action — and wouldn't really have had a bone to pick with Spidey in any case. However, once the Multiverse gets fixed, he unceremoniously disappears to his own reality ... but leaves a tiny symbiote puddle behind. This, of course, seems to imply two things: That Hardy won't necessarily be the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Venom after all, and that someone else is about to get their whole world view shaken by a hefty dose of alien symbiote. 

The immediate implication of the scene is that the bartender who's been patiently getting Eddie up to date with the nature of the MCU will end up with the symbiote. However, in a very different corner of "No Way Home," another possible Venom-themed scenario has been brewing all along. Let's take a look at the potential "Spider-Man: No Way Home" symbiote Easter egg that you definitely missed.

Could the MCU give Flash Thompson the Venom symbiote?

Isn't it strange that a movie as jam-packed with important characters and explosive action as "Spider-Man: No Way Home" gives copious screen time to a character as comparatively meaningless to the grand scheme of things as Flash Thompson (Tony Revolori), Peter Parker's wannabe bully and Spider-Man's biggest fan? There might just be a reason for that. 

The movie takes care to develop Flash's relationship with Peter from their previously antagonistic relationship to something approaching an uneasy alliance, and though it's hardly the focal point of the film, this increased prominence might just tease greater things for Flash in the future. Seeing as the stinger suggests that Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock is unlikely to be the MCU Venom, it might just be that the other noted Marvel character to bear the mantle will eventually get to wield the symbiote. Said character? Why, one Flash Thompson, aka Agent Venom. 

Of course, the MCU version of Flash is radically different from the comics incarnation of the character, and there's no way to tell whether this will actually happen. However, the Flash-Venom connection is very much there in the source material. There's also the fact that Tony Revolori is a massively talented and experienced actor, who plays the central character Zero in Wes Anderson's star-studded "The Grand Budapest Hotel," among other things. Could it be that the powers that be have big plans for him at some point down the line?