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Joey Batey Confirms What We All Suspected About Henry Cavill's On-Set Behavior

You may have gathered from his interviews and assorted bits and pieces that Henry Cavill is a multi-faceded individual, whose love of things like video games and dogs makes him extremely relatable. This is a pretty major feat when you're talking about a guy who can believably play both Superman and Geralt of Rivia, and who buried himself in the role of the latter so thoroughly that he actually became something of a sword expert on the set of "The Witcher." 

That's just the tip of the iceberg, too. Per the Hollywood Reporter, Cavill might be driven, but he's also pretty much as pleasant as a human can be, so it's easy to assume that his combination of extreme dedication and old-school politeness created a pretty unique effect on the set of "The Witcher." Now, co-star Joey Batey (who plays the bard Jaskier) has confirmed what we all suspected about Henry Cavill's on-set behavior.

Joey Batey says Henry Cavill's work ethic is unbelievable, but he can also have fun

In an interview with Men's Health, Joey Batey shared some of his best memories of working with Henry Cavill, and it's clear that while Batey's own improvisation tendencies have contributed to the fun moments between them, the actor is quick to note that Cavill gives as good as he gets ... and that his professionalism is on a completely different level.  

"He's so professional, and so hard working, no one really sees how hard he works," Batey waxed poetic about the many on-set virtues of Cavill. "His schedule is insane, and he's basically a professional athlete on top of being a consummately brilliant actor." 

However, Batey said that Cavill's work ethic doesn't prevent him from getting back to a co-star who chooses to improvise in order to make him laugh. "So, there are moments — which I think are actually in the cut — where you can see him turning away from the camera, so we can't see his face," he said. "And he's Geralt, and then he'll just turn to me, and suddenly he's Henry, and will pull a dumb face and try to make me laugh."

This combination of amazing dedication and occasional moments of fun goofiness is mightily impressive, and also pretty much what you'd expect from Cavill.