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The Ending Of Hawkeye Episode 5 Explained

Let's all take a moment to sit back and think about how we've won this week. Not only are we getting "Spider-Man: No Way Home," we were also dealt an incredible episode of "Hawkeye" — which might be the best in the series so far. It's truly a glorious time to be an MCU fan, and this really is the most wonderful time of the year. "Hawkeye" continues to prove that a story is enough, and elaborate fight sequences and epic battles aren't the only things that will satisfy an MCU audience.

We excepted Episode 5 to turn things up a notch after the re-introduction of Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) last week. It certainly did as the episode kicked off in the past, delivering a very "WandaVision" moment that has fans buzzing on Twitter. This week's "Hawkeye" answered several questions, not just from earlier in the season but those that have been lingering in the MCU. The episode dropped a major bombshell, and while it might have been one we all some coming from a mile away, it was still a jaw-dropping moment nonetheless. Here are the biggest takeaways from "Hawkeye" Episode 5 and what we hope to find out in the series finale next week.

Yelena's blip fate is revealed

Episode 5 kicked off an epic cold open. We traveled back in time to watch Yelena and a second Black Widow break into the home of a former comrade. They attempt to release this other assassin from her brainwashing and give her the antidote we saw in "Black Widow." It turns out this Widow was never brainwashed and has been living a happy life of murder for hire. The Widow asks Yelena about Natasha (Scarlett Johansson), and a smile comes over her face. The chatter amongst the trio reveals that once Yelena is done freeing all the Widows, she and Natasha will reunite in New York City.

Yelena eventually excuses herself to the bathroom, and while she's in there glancing at herself in the mirror, we get a taste of something we saw in "WandaVision." As she washes her hands, we watch Yelena reverse-dust. We see Yelena come back from it instead of watching her dust away as we did with so many people after The Blip. We finally know she was one of the trillions of casualties from Thanos's snap, something we never knew up until this point. This is the second coming-back we've seen after Monica Rambeau (ACTRESS) was un-blipped in a "WandaVision" episode.

One of the greatest things about this scene was not only the incredible visual effects of Yelena coming back but how the atmosphere around her changed. She was in the same location as before, but clearly, the former Widow did some remodeling as the entire bathroom changed as Yelena came back to life.

Welcome back, Kingpin

While the episode is rather entertaining and delivers, it was full of filler, which is meant to build up to the big finale. We watched Kate (Hailee Steinfeld), and her mother, Eleanor (Vera Farmiga), chat after the former "broke-up" with Clint (Jeremy Renner). Kate eventually reveals to her mom that Jack (Tony Dalton) is a shady good-for-nothing who has a shell company called Sloan Limited. She suggests Jack is connected to the murder of Armand, and Eleanor promises to look into it. Later, we see Jack being arrested, but he insists he's being framed.

Yelena also pops into Kate's apartment to chat about Clint, where she reveals she's Natasha's sister. Before this reveal, Clint channels Ronin again and meets with Echo (Alaqua Cox) to give her some helpful information that might end their feud. He tells her that her boss ordered her father to be murdered, which she doesn't quite believe at first but seems to come around to the idea eventually.

At the end of the episode, Kate and Clint are in Grills' apartment when the former gets a text from Yelena. The former Widow reveals the person who hired her to take out Cint was none other than Eleanor. She then sends Kate a photo of her mom with a VERY familiar face. Kingpin, aka Wilson Fisk (Vincent D'Onofrio), is shown alongside Eleanor in a grainy photo where the two are both grinning. Kate is understandably shocked, but Clint reveals this mystery (to Kate) man is Kingpin, and the person he's been worried about the entire time.

It looks like Clint might have once worked for Kingpin as Ronin, which would also suggest the baddie survived The Blip. Episode 6 is sure to tie up loose ends, hopefully revealing the connection between Eleanor and Fisk, and perhaps ... Val (Julia Louis-Dreyfus)? Fans of "Black Widow" will remember Val recruited Yelena at the end of the film ... so why are we now finding out Eleanor hired her? All will be revealed — maybe.