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The Blue Bloods Relationship Fans Are Happy Never Happened

With nearly 40% of its audience comprised of the 55+ demographic (based on a survey conducted by A Place for Mom), it's fair to say that "Blue Bloods" is the highest-rated cop drama that your parents love to watch. Jokes aside, though, it gets plenty of love from the 35-54 demo, too. The series Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Abigail Hawk, and many others, and while the series has — like any long-running TV show — made some missteps (including a recent episode that had many fans upset), it has also covered a lot of ground over the years.

It's hard for any drama to be a good drama without at least a touch of romance in the mix, and "Blue Bloods" is no exception. Fans keep longing for the will-they-won't-they dynamic between Baez (Marisa Ramirez) and Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) to have a happy ending, even though it looks likely that it's not in the cards for them (according to TV Insider). And the romantic journey between Eddie (Vanessa Ray) and Jamie (Will Estes) has been a roller coaster, to say the least. Out of all of the romantic possibilities on the show, though, there's one hypothetical coupling that many, many fans hope will never happen in a million years.

Fans are quite satisfied that Frank and Abigail never got together

A recent "Blue Bloods" Reddit thread had several fans voicing their opinions on the hypothetical proposition that Frank (Tom Selleck) and Abigail (Abigail Hawk) could have ended up together (or had an affair with one another). The consensus seems to be that the reason this hasn't happened is because it would be wildly out of character for both parties — so out of character, in fact, that many in the thread questioned why the original poster even suggested it, implying that the show itself never indicated that it was likely. As user Navitach replied, "That thought NEVER crossed my mind."

One user wrote, "We call her his "Work daughter" when we watch. A love interest never crossed my mind." Meanwhile, another Reddit fan pointed out, "I think the problem is that there are people who want it, even on this subreddit."

Frank is a guy who prides himself on being on the side of good and trying to make the world a more just place. Abigail Is "very respectful of herself," according to the original poster, and also married with children of her own. Frank cheating on his wife to be with an equally married Abigail (or the two divorcing their spouses) just wouldn't make any sense. As preposterous as the suggestion is, however, this wouldn't have been the first time that popular shows shoehorned a nonsensical romantic relationship into the plot. There are literally dozens of examples, from Barney and Robin on "How I Met Your Mother" to even Jackie and Fez on "That '70 Show." 

Thankfully, "Blue Bloods" has such a strong performance with its target demographic that they don't need to fall on melodramatic dalliances to keep people coming back for more.