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D.Gray-Man Filler Episodes You Should Always Skip

Despite being an extremely popular manga and anime, there is one major caveat to getting into "D. Gray-Man," the acclaimed supernatural shonen series created by Katsura Hoshino. If you're looking for a complete story, this may not be the anime for you. While the "D. Gray-Man" manga is technically ongoing, the series is notorious for taking long hiatuses (via Anime News Network).

Because of these multiple hiatuses, the two "D. Gray-Man" anime series were both completed before the original manga could come to an end. Regardless of the unfinished nature of "D. Gray-Man," the series is still well regarded and is worth watching. After all, there are still over 240 chapters — published over the course of 17 years — to enjoy.

As with many anime based on manga, however, there exists another caveat in the series' filler episodes. The anime-exclusive episodes are considered non-canon to the original manga and are often deemed unnecessary to the wider "D. Gray-Man" community. With that in mind, here are the "D. Gray-Man" filler episodes you can feel free to skip.

There are only a few D. Gray-Man episodes worth skipping

When it comes to "D. Gray-Man," anime filler is one of the last things that a new watcher needs to worry about. Out of the series' 116 episodes, only 25 are considered pure filler. According to Anime Filler List, the series has an overall filler percentage of 22%. If you include the three additional episodes that feature a mixture of canon and non-canon material, this number becomes 24%. However, those episodes (26, 63, and 64) may have enough canon content to warrant watching, even if there is some filler. Either way, "D. Gray-Man" has an especially low percentage of filler when compared to other popular anime like "Sailor Moon."

In total, the filler episodes of "D. Gray-Man" to skip are 14-18, 25, 27, 29-36, and 41-50. Thankfully, all of these episodes are grouped together in the front half of the anime. Once a viewer gets past episode 50, it's smooth sailing from there. These episodes include both those from the original "D. Gray-Man" anime and its follow-up series, "D. Gray-Man Hallow," so you won't have to worry about more filler after finishing the initial anime. From there, the only current way to enjoy the rest of "D. Gray-Man" is to pick up the manga.